The thousand and one virtues of lemon

Les vertus du citron
 Do you know the myriad virtues of lemon? white teeth, no acne, cleaning products, skin care, hair, nails and body, tasty food, antiseptic, diuretic, lemon is the solution that is for you. Easy to find, you can use every day. 

The thousand and one virtues of lemon

I The lemon

The lemon is a citrus fruit that has the score over time. It has always been an excellent remedy for health. D India or Malaysia, the origin of lemon is rather vague. The story goes that the soldiers of Alexander the Great have used lemon to treat scurvy. (Malnutrition). At the time, it is regularly used as a remedy against poison. Nero was consumed regularly. The first European herbalists used lemon to treat epilepsy. For centuries, the lemon benefits have conquered the heart of a lot of people. 
What is the nutritional value of lemon?

  • Rich in vitamin C, lemon is an alkalizing fruit.
  • Rich in organic acids.
  • Lemon is rich in calcium and iron. And, it helps to balance calcium.
  • Lemon contains fibers of pectin beneficial to health.
  • It has an alkalizing effect on the body.
citron_valeur nutritive Valeur nutritive du citron cru sans peau

   II How to use lemon in everyday life?

Warning: Keep in mind that lemon juice should not be left on the body for long periods of time and can have serious reactions when exposed to sunlight. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have concerns.

  • Whiten teeth and reduce tartar

If you want to have beautiful white teeth and simultaneously reduce tartar, use lemon juice.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Buy lemon.
  • 2) 2 times a week, brush your teeth with lemon juice.
  • 3) Then rinse the mouth.
  • 4) You can also use baking soda + lime to whiten teeth.
  • Warning: avoid prolonged contact lemon in the mouth, because it can be harmful to tooth enamel.

See the photo below:


  • Helps weight loss

Rich in fiber pectin, lemon is the ideal food for weight loss. According to some studies, people with a more alkaline diet, lose weight faster.
For example, you can drink hot lemon water in the morning. But you should also watch your diet.
how to lose weight with lemon - comment perdre du poids avec le citron

  • Beautiful hair

To have bright beautiful hair, use lemon.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Buy lemon.
  • 2) Mix lemon with a little water.
  • 3) Rinse your hair with a little water mixed with lemon juice.
  • 4) Lemon juice brightens and will perfume your hair.

Rincer le jus de citron et le revitalisant dans la douche shampooing et conditionner vos cheveux comme vous le feriez normalement.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-9

  • Lighten her hair

If you are looking for a way to lighten your hair without dangerous chemicals, you can use lemon juice. Lemon is a natural, inexpensive, will gradually lighten your hair, even if your roots grow.
What are the ingredients ?
For normal hair: 1 cup lemon juice. (4 lemons)
For dry hair: 1 cup lemon juice (4 lemons) + 1/4 cup packaging.
How to proceed ? Method 1 lighten normal hair.

  • 1) In a cup, mix the lemon juice and hot water.
  • 2) Spray lemon juice mixture + hot water on your hair. (Preferably unwashed hair)
  • 3) Sit in the sun for 1-2 hours.
  • 4) Take a shower, wash your hair with a conditioner. For citric acid of lemon is very dry.
  • 5) Repeat this process until your hair take the color you desire. Spray lemon juice over 3 times if necessary.
Mélanger le jus de citron et l'eau chaude ensemble dans une tasse à mesurer-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-1-Version-2 Vaporisez le mélange sur vos cheveux jusqu'à ce que vos cheveux sont humide.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-2-Version-2
1. 2.
Asseyez-vous au soleil pendant 1 à 2 heures. -Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-3-Version-2 Prenez une douche et appliquer un revitalisant en profondeur à vos cheveux.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-4-Version-2
3. 4.

How to proceed ? Method 2 brighten dry hair.

  • 1) Mix lemon juice and packaging in a small bowl.
  • 2) Rub the mixture over your hair with your hands. Then, use a wide-tooth comb to comb the lemon juice and conditioner.
  • 3) For 1 to 2 hours, sit in the sun.
  • 4) Rinse the lemon juice and conditioner.
  • 5) It’s over, your hair is thinned.
Mélanger le jus de citron et le climatiseur dans un petit bol-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-6-Version-2 Placez une serviette autour de vos épaules.-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-7-Version-2
1. 2.
Asseyez-vous dans le soleil pendant 1 à 2 heures-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lighten-Hair-Step-8-Version-2
3. 4.


  • Get rid of dry skin with lemon

Lemon can be used to get rid of dry skin. this method can be used for the elbow, knee, heel. It eliminates skin roughness.
How to proceed ?

  • 1)  Cut in half a lemon.
  • 2) Rub half the lemon dry skin.
  • 3) Dab gently with a towel lemon. Don’t rub!
  • 4) Use 2 times daily for 1 week.
Coupez un citron en deux-Get-Rid-of-Dry-Skin-Using-a-Lemon-Step-1 Utiliser la moitié du citron et frotter sur la peau sèche-Get-Rid-of-Dry-Skin-Using-a-Lemon-Step-2 Utilisez une serviette pour tamponner délicatement le jus de citron-Get-Rid-of-Dry-Skin-Using-a-Lemon-Step-3
1. 2. 3.


  •  Clean black spots armpits with lemon

Lemon can be effective for removing black spots armpits.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Cut in half a lemon.
  • 2) Rub half the lemon on the dark area.
  • 3) Result: it will lighten the skin and remove dead cells.
  • 4) Not to dry the skin, add honey, turmeric, natural yoghurt with lemon juice.
Coupez un citron en deux-Get-Rid-of-Dry-Skin-Using-a-Lemon-Step-1 Frotter une tranche épaisse de citron sur la zone sombre-Get-Rid-of-Dark-Armpits-Step-1 aisselles sombres peuvent être causées par des cellules mortes de la peau -Get-Rid-of-Dark-Armpits-Step-2
1. 2. 3.


  •  A natural deodorant with lemon

How to proceed ?

  • 1) Cut a lemon in half.
  • 2) Squeeze the lemon.
  • 3) Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice.
  • 4) Rub armpits morning and evening for a week.


  • Skin, faces, wrinkles, skin lightening

How to proceed ?

  • 1) Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice in a bowl.
  • 2) Using a cotton, apply the face.
  • 3) Let dry for 20 minutes.
  • 4) Rinse.
Déposer une petite quantité de jus de citron dans un récipient-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lessen-Acne-and-Heal-Acne-Scars-Step-2 Appliquer le jus de citron à un coton-tige et d'appliquer à toutes les zones touchées de votre visage-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lessen-Acne-and-Heal-Acne-Scars-Step-3
Gardez le jus de citron sur votre visage pendant la nuit-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lessen-Acne-and-Heal-Acne-Scars-Step-4 Rincez avec de l'eau froide-Make-a-Lemon-Face-Cleanser-Step-8


  • Cure acne and the scars using lemon juice

Lemon can be used as a natural remedy against acne.
What are the steps?

  • 1) Squeeze a small amount of lemon juice in a bowl.
  • 2) Using a cotton, apply the juice on all affected areas. (Do not use with your fingers!)
  • 3) Add water, if it stings.
  • 4) All night, keep the lemon juice on your face.
  • 5) In the morning, rinse your face with facial cleanser.

 See images below:

Déposer une petite quantité de jus de citron dans un récipient-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lessen-Acne-and-Heal-Acne-Scars-Step-2 Appliquer le jus de citron à un coton-tige et d'appliquer à toutes les zones touchées de votre visage-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lessen-Acne-and-Heal-Acne-Scars-Step-3
1. 2.
NE PAS utiliser votre doigt pour appliquer le jus de citron. Les huiles de vos doigts peuvent contrecarrer l'efficacité-bullet1 Gardez le jus de citron sur votre visage pendant la nuit-Use-Lemon-Juice-to-Lessen-Acne-and-Heal-Acne-Scars-Step-4
3. 4.

See the video below which explains the acne treatment with lemon:

  • Strengthen and whiten nails yellowed

You yellowed nails. If you put regular polish, it may be the reason. Soak nails in lemon juice can help whiten nails. In addition, lemon strengthens and hardens the nails. So if you have weak and brittle nails, apply the method below.
What are the different steps?

  • 1) Remove the polish on your nails.
  • 2) Find a small bowl wide enough where you can trick your nails.
  • 3) Cut in half a lemon.
  • 4) Press in the bowl lemon juice.
  • 5) Soak your nails in lemon juice to bleach or harden your nails.
  • 6) Rinse your hands once you’re finished.

Apply lotion after you finish soaking the nails not to dry out.
Do not put the varnish too often after this application because your nails need to breathe.
Do not do this if you have cuts, lemon juice will sting. Wait for your cuts heal, and then apply this solution.

Enlevez tout poli que vous avez actuellement sur vos ongles-YellowedFingernails-Step-1 Trouver un petit bol qui est assez grand pour vous de mettre vos ongles-YellowedFingernails-Step-2
1. 2.
Coupez un citron en deux-Get-Rid-of-Dry-Skin-Using-a-Lemon-Step-1 Pressez assez de jus de citron pour tremper vos ongles -YellowedFingernails-Step-4
3. 4.
Faites tremper vos ongles dans le jus de citron pendant quelques minutes pour les blanchir-YellowedFingernails-Step-5 Une fois que vous avez terminé, rincez vos mains-YellowedFingernails-Step-6
5. 6.


  • Get rid of foot odor with lemon

 Lemon is effective to get rid of foot odor.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Mix lemon juice and hot water.
  • 2) Bathe and wash your feet 3-4 times a week.
Mélanger le jus de citron et l'eau chaude et se baigner vos pieds 3 - 4 fois-Make-a-Natural-Foot-Odor-Remedy-Step-4 Lavez vos pieds dans cette 3 - 4 fois par semaine-Make-a-Natural-Foot-Odor-Remedy-Step-2
1. 2.


Some tips for the home

  • Cooking with lemon

Lemon is very useful to add flavor in some dishes. It is very effective also to prevent browning of certain foods cut. For example, apples, potatoes and bananas. If you place a lemon inside the chicken, poultry remains moist. You can prepare for example the grilled lemon chicken, baked tilapia with lemon butter, cakes lemons, etc.

cuisiner avec des citrons-Rich's-Lemon-Chicken
Cuisiner avec des citrons.


  • How to make lemon juice?

How to proceed ? method 1

  • 1) Use a juicer or food processor with juicer component.
  • 2) Halve the lemons.
  • 3) Squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl or cup.
  • 4) Make sure you get all the juice.
 presse-agrumes-Make-Lemon-Juice-Step-1 Couper les citrons en deux-Make-Lemon-Juice-Step-1 Presser le jus de citron dans un bol ou une tasse-Make-Lemon-Juice-Step-3
1. 2. 3.

How to proceed ? Method 2 Sweet Lemon juice

  • 1) Put the freshly squeezed lemon juice in a cup or glass.
  • 2) Add half a teaspoon of sugar.
  • 3) Stir until dissolved and add a little water to reduce the taste of lemon.
  • 4) Your juice is ready.

Tips: You can also add ginger to have excellent taste of lemon juice.

Verser le jus de citron fraîchement pressé dans une tasse ou un verre-Make-Lemon-Juice-Step-3 Ajouter une demi-cuillère à café de sucre-Make-Lemon-Juice-Step-4
1. 2.
Remuez et ajouter un peu d'eau pour atténuer la force du citron-Make-Lemon-Juice-Step-5 Fini-Make-Lemon-Juice-Intro
3. 4.


  • Clean faucet with a lemon

How to proceed ?

  • 1) Cut a lemon in half.
  • 2) Squeeze the juice.
  • 3) Vigorously rub the lemon half on tap.
  • 4) Wash the tap. the valve starts to shine.
Coupez un citron en deux-Get-Rid-of-Dry-Skin-Using-a-Lemon-Step-1 Pressez le jus. Réserver le jus de cuisson utilisations-Clean-with-lemon-Step-2
1. 2.
Laver le robinet après avoir écumé avec la moitié de citron-Clean-with-lemon-Step-4
3. 4.


  • Clean microwave oven with a lemon

It is possible to clean a microwave oven with lemon.
How to proceed :

  • 1) Mix lemon with water (a lemon cut in half). Squeeze the juice in a bowl and mix with 300ml of water.
  • 2) Carefully remove the bowl and wipe the microwave with a cloth.
  • 3) Remove the bowl carefully and wipe the microwave with a cloth.
  • 4) Result: the microwave is clean and smells good.
Mélanger citron avec de l'eau.-Clean-a-Microwave-With-a-Lemon-Step-1 Placer le récipient dans le four micro-ondes-Clean-a-Microwave-With-a-Lemon-Step-2
1. 2.
Essuyez le micro-ondes-Clean-a-Microwave-With-a-Lemon-Step-3 Reculez-vous et admirez le résultat de votre effort facile-Clean-a-Microwave-With-a-Lemon-Step-4
3. 4.


  •  Clean the bathtub with lemon zest

With lemon zest, it is easier to clean the bathtub.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Fill the tub with cold water.
  • 2) Add lemon zest in the bathtub.
  • 3) Let stand overnight.
  • 4) The next morning, remove the lemon zest and toss them in your compost pile.
  • 5) Wipe ! (You can add a little oil if necessary)
  • 6) Let dry. In the bath, there will be a light lemon odor.
Remplissez la baignoire avec de l'eau froide-Fill-bathtub-with-water-Step-1 Ajouter les zestes de citron-Add-lemon-rims-Step-2
1. 2.
Laisser reposer pendant une nuit-Leave-ti-sit-overnight-Step-3 Retirez les écorces de citron, le lendemain matin et jeter sur le tas de compost-Remove-lemons-from-water-Step-4
3. 4.
Essuyez baignoire citron-Wipe-bath-sides-Step-5 Laisser sécher-Leave-to-dry-Step-6
5. 6.


  •  Create a scented glass cleaner with lemon

To make the task of washing nicer windows, one can create a scented glass cleaner with lemon.
What are the ingredients ?
Oil, water in a sprayer 2 and lemons.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Buy the ingredients to create the lemon oil.
  • 2) Mix in hot water.
  • 3) Spray the window with the solution, then try a cloth.
  • Warning: Do not put lemon oil on your hands while washing the windows.
Assembler les ingrédients-AssembleIngredients-Step-1 Mélangez dans l'eau chaude-MixIngredients-Step-2 Prenez une éponge préférée, gant de toilette ou même journal et la tête à la fenêtre-CleanWindow-Step-3
1. 2. 3.


  • Clean copper with lemon

 How to proceed ? method 1

  • 1) Cut 2 lemons in half.
  • 2) Scrub the areas tarnished with lemon. (You can also add salt.)
  • 3) Rinse and polish. 
Coupez deux citrons en deux moitiés-Clean-Copper-Step-1 Frottez les zones terni à l'aide du citron-Clean-Copper-Step-2 Rincez et polir-Clean-Copper-Step-11
1. 2. 3.

How we act? Method 2 Lemon + salt

  • 1) Squeeze the lemon juice.
  • 2) Add salt and mix to form a paste.
  • 3) Rub the paste on copper with a soft cloth.
  • 4) Rinse with warm water and polish. (Call in the beeswax for a lasting shine)
Presser le jus de citron d'un citron-Clean-Copper-Step-1 Ajouter le sel et mélanger pour former une pâte-Clean-Copper-Step-2
1. 2.
Frotter la pâte sur le cuivre avec un chiffon doux-Clean-Copper-Step-3 Rincez à l'eau tiède et poli-Clean-Copper-Step-15
3. 4.


  •  Get rid of fleas on your pet with a lemony scent

You do not want to use chemicals to get rid of fleas on your pet. Call lemon. You can use this method for the cat, the dog, rodent. You must use this method often with the groom.
You need a sprayer, lemon, boiling water and a medium-size bowl.
How to proceed ?

  • 1) Cut a lemon.
  • 2) Place the slices in a bowl of boiling water. Let stand overnight.
  • 3) Put lemon liquid in a spray bottle.
  • 4) Spray on your pet. Avoid eye, nose and mouth.
  • 5) Comb with a brush and repeat the spraying daily.

Warning: Cats hate the smell of citrus. If your cat shows signs of irritation, stop immediately. It may be that your pet is allergic to citrus. You can also just moisten your cat instead of spraying in step 4, as some animals do not like being sprayed.

Coupez les citrons-Slice-a-lemon-Step-1 Placer les tranches dans un bol d'eau bouillante-Place-the-slices-into-a-bowl-of-boiling-water-Step-2
1. 2.
Verser le liquide de citron dans un flacon pulvérisateur-Pour-the-lemon-liquid-into-a-spray-bottle-Step-3 Vaporisez sur votre animal de compagnie-Spray-on-your-pet-Step-4
3. 4.
Peigne ou une brosse à travers-Comb-or-brush-through-Step-5


  •  Prevent diseases with lemon

Indeed, lemon is very useful in the human health. It helps prevent disease. You will find a table below with examples of diseases including lemon can play a very effective role.

Lemon against diseases
Sinusitis _  Mix lemon juice + a pinch of salt
_ Inhale when put in the nez
_ Repeat 2 to 3 times régulièrement.
_ If you sneeze, it means that the lemon is working.
Bronchitis Hay Fever _ Drinking fresh lemon juice with water and honey to treat bacterial infections and virales.
_ Rich in calcium, lemon has a positive effect on rheumatism.
Migraine _ Apply a few slices of lemon juice to relieve pain.
The digestion _ hot lemon drink every morning facilitates digestion.
_ It relieves heartburn, bloating and éructions.
_For cancer patients, American Cancer Society recommends drinking hot lemon water to stimulate bowel movements .
Poor dental pain Gingivitis breath _ Drinking lemon chaud._ Lemon is known to relieve dental pain, gingivitis and bad haleine._ For teeth, brush your. Then drink your lemon water. Finally, rinse your mouth with purified water.
 Obesity _ Regularly lemon juice cures.
_ (For 24 days you take lemon juice in a glass of warm water, especially without sugar.)
Intestinal worms _ Take lemon seed crushed with honey fasting every morning.
Cardiovascular illnesses _ Make a lemon juice cure.
_ If you have too bad, taking medicine to relieve you.
Hypertension _ Drinking lemon juice in a glass of warm water.
_ Do this 2 times a day.
Injuries, wounds  _ Apply with a cotton lemon juice on your wounds or sores.
_ Lemon is an excellent antiseptic.
Febrile state _ Take lemon + Moringa powder + hot juice Do this 3 times a day.
Hemorrhoids _ Apply lemon water compresses on the anus.
 Angina _ Drinking lemon juice diluted in water.

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