14 beautiful black women in blue makeup


14 beautiful black women in blue makeup

Many black women think that when you have black or mixed skin, one must often confine oneself to dark colors, very discreet. However, they are wrong, because colorful colors, flashy, marinate perfectly with black and mixed skin. Many wonder if those who have black skin can use blue eyeshadow or blue eyeliner? But of course, that “yes.” The navy blue, ocean, turquoise will give freshness to your eyes. You just need to know, how to put on makeup and not put in tons. Often, darker skins prefer safety colors like brown, bronze, copper, orange and gold, (warm colors) that go very well with their skins. But, colors like blue, purple, olive green, pink, black and mixed women wear it very well too.
Advantage of blue on the eyes:

  • Colors lower eyes and gives freshness to the eyes.
  • It belongs to the primary color, so belongs to the range of cold colors.
  • Illuminate the look. If you choose a dark blue, it will both illuminate your look and be discreet.
  • Blue is a color that gives depth.
  • Change the usual makeup. The make-up with a blue eye shadow can be a great option for those who want to start using other colors in makeup to escape a few neutral tones.
  • Deep blues and sailors are very chic.
  • Adds color to your look.
  • The blue color symbolizes calm, tranquility, subtlety and freshness.
  • Use two shades of blue shadow can give a beautiful effect of depth.
  • This is good, apply a layer of light brown opaque shade before, just above the concave. Then put the blue, but it should not pass the concave. To finalize the make-up, you can apply the black eyeliner.




Tips and advice
Ideal is to use a makeup brush, for the eyes, instead of the fingers.
It should not be forgotten that when the make-up of the eyes is accentuated, it is necessary to dose more lightly that of the mouth.
More: women with black skin, who have the complexion tending towards the yellow. Remember that yellow + blue = green. Same for the one who have the complexion turning reddish, Red + blue = purple.
The colors are mainly used on the eyes, cheekbones and the lips.
On the other hand, in the evening, the makeup is not the same as that of the day. It can be much more intense.
Test regularly at home and find the right color of blue marinating with the color and shape of your eyes.
Blue makeup, for what types of clothing?
I think it depends on the tastes of each one. For example, black clothing is suitable for all types of makeup. But, Avoid combining blue clothes with blue shades. It’s a little weird. But, I admit that some dresses in blue tones, can go with blue makeup. Colors like gray, silver and dark green are accompanied by blue makeup. But honestly, I think it’s up to everyone to see what’s good for him.
Examples of combinations for lipsticks

  • Shade + pink blue = pink lipstick
  • Orange blue shadow: orange lipstick
  • Blue and gold shades = gold or brown lipstick
  • Nude color on the lips goes well with a blue makeup.

The trend of Fashion Week is also turning to blue makeup. Top model are beautiful in blue, and blue make-up becomes the flagship of this season. So, at work my beauties! Choose your favorite blue makeup and convenient at home.


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