The magnificent beach of the Feuillère in Guadeloupe | Marie-Galante

The magnificent beach of the Feuillère in Guadeloupe | Marie-Galante


Coconut palms bent, white sand, turquoise water, grapes on the seaside, the beach of the Feuillère is one of the most beautiful of Guadeloupe with its postcard decor. This small paradise is located in Marie-Galante near the town of Capesterre and extends over a kilometer. It remains one of the most visited beaches by tourists and locals, as there are very few people, no matter what day or time. It is ideal to relax and take a nap or sunbathe in peace. The water is calm because it is protected by the coral reef.

If you want to restore, there are many bars and restaurants. There are also tables for those who wish to picnic.

What to do on this beautiful beach?

  • You can do kite-surfing or windsurfing activities, scuba diving at the Feuillère. The fact that the sea is calm makes this beach a privileged place for sliding sports.
  • Bathing sweet and hot.
  • Enjoy the calm and the sun.
  • Rest in the shade of coconut palms.
  • Possibility of picnic.


It is better to swim at the beginning of the beach towards the Dantana Café, because the waves are small and less strong.

Some travelers are often disappointed when there is an invasion of seaweed on the beach. But despite everything, for its tranquility and beauty, the Feuillère remains one of the essential beaches of Marie-Galante.


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