Elegant & glamorous African wedding dresses in Kente

Elegant & glamorous African wedding dresses in Kente


African women are queens. And when they get married, they take out the most beautiful fabrics of African culture to be elegant and glamorous on their wedding day.

Feed on your roots and take charge of your future. »

Proud of their cultures, Africans do not forget where they come from. Women and men wear their most beautiful fabrics for the D-day of their traditional wedding. If you are preparing for your wedding or looking for ideas for exceptional evening dresses for important events. Be inspired by these beautiful women dressed in traditional Kente dress made to measure. The beauty of the colours, the finish, the quality of the Kente fabric, nothing is left to chance.
A brief reminder of the origin of Kente
The origin of the Kente fabric comes partly from a historical legend from two cities in Ghana’s Asante region, Bonwire and Adawomase. On Bonwire’s side, a man named Otaa Kraban and his friend Kraku Amoagya de Bonwire learned the art of weaving by observing a spider weaving its web in 1650, and inspired by the spider web, they wove a band of raffia and later improved their technique. They reported their discovery to their leader, who in turn reported it to Asantehene. The Asantehenes adopted the royal arts as a precious and prestigious fabric, and became the guardians of Asante Kente.
From the historical art of Adawomase weaving, it traces its origin to northern Ouagadougou (now Burkina Faso) with the help of two Adawomase citizens, Nana Sarkodie and Nana Amankwa. They discovered this weaving technique during their usual trade mission north of Ouagadougou around 1750.



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