Anchor or balbo beard – Black men

Anchor or balbo beard – Black men

Are you looking for a new beard style to sublimate your face? Why not try the beard in anchor or balbo?

  • 1/ Anchor beard

Anchor beard adapts perfectly to confident and daring men. It is the perfect combination between the goatee, the fine collar and the mustache in handlebar. It is a very original look to try absolutely. Well sculpted to form a boat anchor. It is a style of beard worn by Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean or Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man.

How to do ?

First, equalize your beard to a length of 3 to 5 mm.

To work well shape, draw the boundaries of your goatee and set the upper limits of the beard you created, and sculpt the hairs between your lower lip and your chin to make a rectangular shape.

Then shave the hairs in the corner of your lips to the hairs of your chin with a razor to mini grid. Make sure not to touch the hairs that go from the center of your lower lip to your chin.

Shave your cheeks and neck with your razor by making circular movements.

Maintain your ankle-shaped beard regularly by shearing it, shaving it and using mustache ointment every day.

2 advantages of this beard

  • Idéal pour ceux qui ont un visage carré ou allongé.
  • Très bon choix pour un look stylé.
  • 2/ Balbo beard

Balbo beard is actually a combination of three elements: a goat, a necklace and a mustache in handlebar. This beard was originally derived from the Italian of the Second World War, the evil Italo Balbo. . It may be best to start with a more complete beard and cut it down for it. It is similar to a Van Dyke, but with shorter cut bottom, and a narrow strip of growth beard along the chin on each side.

2 advantages of this beard

  • Ideal for those who have a square or round face, as it accentuates the chin.
  • Very good choice for a stylish look.

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What is your favorite beard style?


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