Yellow fashion trend: black women in yellow

Yellow fashion trend: black women in yellow

When you have black or matte skin, the yellow color will look great. It’s the trendy color of the moment. Bright, sunny, vitaminized, positive, the yellow color illuminates during the summer and boosts morale during the winter.
Several options to wear yellow:

  • You can wear the total yellow look. That is to say, you will choose a combination pants or a dress.
  • You can choose to wear one piece of your wardrobe in yellow. (sweater, coat, shirt, top, jacket, skirt, pants)
  • Or, you can wear yellow discreetly on well-defined accessories. For example, a clutch, shoes, a scarf, etc.)

With which color to associate the yellow?
1 / yellow + blue. This association is perfectly marine.
2 / yellow + gray. Yellow will soften gray.
3 / yellow + white.
4 / yellow + black.
5 / The yellow + the pink
It also combines with beige, khaki, turquoise and orange tones.
On the other hand, when you wear yellow, you must combine it with 2 or 3 maximum colors. It’s a golden rule. In any case, the yellow color goes wonderfully on the colors of black skins and mixed. presents below the different ways to wear yellow.
1/ Choose a yellow top.

2/ Wear a total yellow look with a sunny yellow dress.

3/ Opt for a yellow pants.

4/ Wear a pretty yellow skirt.

  • 5/ Opt for a yellow combination

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