Women’s Dashiki : 10 trendy ways to wear your Dashiki t-shirt


Women’s Dashiki : 10 trendy ways to wear your Dashiki t-shirt

Dashiki t-shirts are a must in ethnic fashion. With their geometric, tribal pattern and bright colours, they are the ultra trendy and stylish garment to wear during the spring-summer season, but they can also be worn in autumn-winter with a jumper, blazer or jacket.

What is its origin?

Dashiki comes from the Yoruba word Danshiki. It is a traditional loose-fitting garment worn by men and women in West Africa. Very popular among African and Afro-American celebrities, the Dashiki has become a symbol of pride of the African continent. Many people pay tribute to their roots by wearing this sensational garment.

What are the advantages of this clothe?

  • Colourful garment with geometric and tribal patterns.
  • It is an outfit suitable for all morphologies.
  • Ample, it is useful to camouflage a small belly and to feel comfortable in your clothes.
  • It is a traditional loose-fitting garment worn by men and women in Africa.
  • It has become a symbol of pride of the black community.
    Internationalized, regardless of country or culture, many people wear this unique garment.
  • It is worn on all occasions in life. In the city, in the evening, at a wedding, a party or a baptism.
  • It can be worn both during the day and at night.
  • Depending on how you wear it, it can be cool and casual or chic and elegant. It all depends on what other clothes and shoes you wear with it.
  • It is a must in ethnic and African fashion. And many celebrities have succumbed to the Dashiki trend.

Where to buy Dashiki?

You can buy and order Dashiki on online shop Cultureafro.net

How to wear this colorful garment?

If you’re a woman, you can wear the Dashiki of a Thousand and One Ways to style your look. Afroculture.net will propose you some fashion ideas to be trendy with your favorite top.

  • 1/ For an ethnic chic look, you can accessorize your Dashiki t-shirt with sensational ethnic jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, headchains, earrings. Bring out the fashionista in you.

  • 2/ If you are looking for a casual and comfortable outfit, you can accessorize your Dashiki with a pair of very comfortable sneakers or boots.

  • 3/ Sexy, sexy, sexy. Put on your Dashiki t-shirt with pretty long boots or lace up boots. The effect is guaranteed.

  • 4/ For a stylish look, you can wear it with tight pants and a nice pair of heels.

  • 5/ Chic and elegant with a straight skirt.

  • 6/ To emphasize your pretty flat belly, bet on a short Dashiki top.

    • 7/ For an evening or a party with friends, be chic and casual and sexy with wedge heels.

  • 8/ Dashiki suits are very fashionable. You can choose either Dashiki shorts or pants.

  • 9/ For fashion queens, deepen your look by pairing your dashiki with a long kimono.

  • 10/ If the weather gets cold or during the fall-winter season, you can always wear your Dashiki with a blazer or leather jacket.


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