Why bad people always win in real life?


Didier, a young single dad, entrepreneur, desperate, tells his ill-being in this testimony. He wonders, why bad people always win in real life?  Why, those who fear God, always suffer and receive nothing? If you have a little time, help him with your advice?

Why bad people always win in real life? 

Hello, my name is Didier.
I am sad on my heart, for I am totally discouraged at this moment.
I wonder why bad and dishonest people always win in life.
I set up my own business to take care of my children and my family.
But, I can not get through. I work very hard. But, it does not pay. Yet, everyone who knows my work. Tell me that my work is excellent and that one day it will pay.
I feel completely forsaken by God. I lived a difficult childhood when I could count on no one but myself.
I am a believer and I pray. But I confess that sometimes I am afraid of losing my faith.
I feel that some people have come to follow others on earth.
What are their efforts? What do their good deeds and their empathies matter? They remain alone and no one comes to their aid.
Look at all the homeless, the poor who ask for help. Why do not you support them? Everyone passes by, but nobody does anything. Solidarity, support, sharing are values ​​that have become so rare in this world. Hence the rate of suicide has exploded!
People prefer to trust those who lie, who sell them dream because they have a name. But, they refuse to support the one who leaves from nothing. The rich have so many friends and the poor is rejected by all. And the banks, I’m not talking about them. If you do not have a personal contribution, they do not support you.
I have often met people who have betrayed me. They took all my advice, my ideas, my confidence, and dropped me when I had problems. Today, man has become the enemy of man. Men, out of jealousy, destroy the work of others.
Besides, I’m a single dad. I could not keep my wife because she was looking for a rich man. Money calls money. She let me down for a more frightened man, who laughs at others. But she has the life of which she dreams. A beautiful villa, two or three cars, and full of material things. She left me with my two children for another, which for her is a better party. Because, for her, I did not succeed fast enough. I’m hardworking, but I did not earn enough for her.
Despite all this, I continue to fight and I do my best to take care of my children alone. Nobody helps me. And when someone contacts me, unfortunately, it’s always for me to do them a favor. My friends can not even call me to hear from me, without interest. It’s life, “one of my acquaintances repeated to me. He reproaches me for being too kind. He tells me that people too kind will always be poor in this world. For him, believing in God is what makes me so poor. For him, life has become so hard. So, all means are good to succeed. For him, if you do not go in the wrong ways, you will die of hunger. This knowledge is dishonest, but all he touches, he succeeds. He runs after money by doing abominable things. He uses the others to achieve his ends. He calculates everything and constantly laughs at me. I pray to God and ask why. I do not want much in life. I want to take care of my children by honestly succeeding. But, I feel that everything is stuck in my life. That I fight to open the doors, but they always remain closed. I am an idealist, despite everything. I refuse, even when, there is no more hope, to let me down.
But I can not stand it anymore. I may close my business because it takes too long. I’ve already lost my wife. Maybe I’ll do a little job that I do not like, because I have to feed my children. I would not gain much. But, I could bring more things home. I do not know if you’ve had such difficult times.

But, I want to understand, why do bad people win and succeed in life? Why, those who fear God, always suffer and receive nothing? If you have a little time, help me with your advice? 



  1. Hello Didier, you sound like a good man. I wish I could tell you that good people always eventually succeed, but I don’t really believe that. However, I do believe that your children are lucky to have you as a father.

    I wish you the best.

  2. Maybe we like Job in the bible..The christian bible..40 years of suffering and he still kept the faith…I guess believing and trusting God has a plan for us, is the point.

    I wonder, is it all becaise of our karma from previous lives?

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