White Eyeliner for Black women | How to Wear White Eyeliner



White Eyeliner for Black women | How to Wear White Eyeliner

Is white eyeliner good for black and mixed women? Despite the skepticism of many women, I think so. According to Tyra Banks, putting white on the lower eyelid of the eye brings freshness to the tired and sleepy eyes. For her, white corresponds to any type of skin tinge from the blackest to the lightest. Many celebrities and models such as Naomi Campbell, Eva Marcille, Rihanna, Jordan Dunn, Tyra Banks regularly use eyeliner or white eye shadow. Since 2013, we see white eyeliner become a fashion trend impossible to circumvent on the fashion shows and the catwalks.

6 reasons to wear white eyeliner on the eyes.

  • 1 / White Eyeliner is a make-up anti-fatigue. Many professional makeup artists advise using white eyeliner to fight tired or sleepy eyes. It is a true beauty trick and an ally in case of great fatigue. It instantly gives your face a good look.
  • 2 / Illuminates and dresses the look. The use of white eyeliner, in your beauty routine, gives a colorful look and enhances a sober makeup. It brings luminosity and vitality to your eyes.
  • 3 / Useful to enlarge your eyes. The eyeliner or white eye shadow is ideal to enlarge and open the eyes. The white is enlarged, but it is necessary to wear black mascara in order to contrast.
  • 4 / Allows to space the eyes. If you have eyes too close, the white eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye will span your eyes.
  • 5 / White Eyeliner adapts to all skin tones and all eye colors. Just choose the color of the eyes.
  • 6 / Gives a graphic and original touch to your beauty.


How to wear it?

In the photos below, we will see the different ways of wearing white eyeliner for black and mixed skin.

  • 1/ White eyeliner is applied to the lower eyelid of the eye at the level of the eyelashes.


  • 2/ White eyeliner is applied to the level of the eyelashes (upper eyelid) and in the corner of the eye.


  • 3/ White eyeliner is applied to the level of the eyelashes (eyelid upper and lower eye).


  • 4/ White eyeliner arises with a double line of eye-liner for a look in black and white.


  • 5/ White eyeliner is applied in the corner of the eye.


  • 6/ Fancy eyeliner with other colors.



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