Twist Hairstyles for Black Baby Girl | Kids Styles

Twist Hairstyles for Black Baby Girl | Kids Styles

You are looking for hairstyle idea for your daughter. Why not try twists.
 What are twists?
Indeed, twists  are an afro hairstyle that consists of dividing a strand into two strands and then winding them one on the other in the same direction. Conversely, twist-out is the hairstyle that one gets when defeating them.
It is a hairstyle carried by the black peoples, which is realized on natural or artificial hair.
There are different types of twists: senegalese twists, havana twists, kinky twists, marley twists, and so on. They are determined by the type of locks you buy.


Advantages of this hairstyle. 

  • It is a beautiful and sensational hairstyle.
  • It’s a compromise between braids and dreadlocks.
  • They are made on natural or artificial hair.
  • They are simple to make.
  • It is a protective hairstyle that protects the hair from external elements.
  • They can serve as a transition to get twists out (curly hair when vanilla is removed).
  • It is a hairstyle that makes it possible to stretch curly or frizzy hair, but also to preserve hydration for a longer time.
  • They are worn in everyday life or on special occasions.

How to make twists?

Without or extensions.
Material :
_Moisturizing cream or moisturizing milk: to soften and moisturize your hair.
_A comb, mirror and elastics. 
Divide a strand of hair into two strands and then wrap them one over the other in the same direction. Twist one around the other and turn the wick. Also twist each strand on itself each time you make a turn on the other strand to the tips.



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  1. The photos are absolutely precious, and it’s wonderful to see the creativity and care put into each hairstyle. Thanks for sharing this inspiring collection of hairstyles that celebrate and embrace black culture and identity! 🌟

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