Tribute to the nine victims of the Charleston church shooting

Tribute to the nine victims of the Charleston church shooting

Slavery has divided and destroyed forever the African continent. Billions of Africans have lost a member of their family, enslaved in the United States, South America and the Caribbean. The result of this genocide of the black people is that we have been divided, obliterated, forgotten, mistreated. Many people who are conscious of this problem are actively struggling to regain their origins. They have to cope with growing racism in our society and stereotypes or clichés inculcated by those who wish to divide.
Scandalized, by the number of blacks slaughtered in North or South America, we can not remain silent and remain impassive in the face of this climate of violence.
I wonder each time:

Why are blacks people so hated? “

What have we done so that, throughout the world, our color is synonymous with rejection, contempt and acts of racism?
What does the domain, the profession, the situation in which you find yourself, we are still victims of racism? But why, what have we done to deserve this. Why are they so afraid of us?
God created the difference. He chose to create white, black, yellow, small, big, big or other people. Why does the world not accept differences? Why such jealousy and hatred towards him who is different from you?
Hommage aux victimes de Charleston
Some blacks are so ashamed of their colors, that they decapitate the skin to become clearer. Others think that the black race is cursed, prefers to marry people with clear skin (not out of love), but for their children to be brighter in skin. In order to erase, the color of black skin. Delete what they are.
Without forgetting, the blacks, who do not call themselves “black.” They reject their origins in a single line, in order to be better accepted in this society.
Whatever its color of skin, we must unite for love, not for any interest whatsoever. Long live solidarity and accept differences. 

Charleston Church shooting: an act of barbarism

On Wednesday, June 17, 2015, the city of Charleston experienced an unbearable act of barbarism. Indeed, nine innocent people were shot dead by a racist, unbalanced, white supremacist, Dylan Roof, in a church while they were praying.
This unbalanced, was only 21 years old, he shot nine people of cold blood, for to him, the blacks have no right to live in this world. But he chose to leave a person alive, so that she could testify to what happened. Through this odious act, he has just condemned himself and destroyed the lives of several families.
Its objective was to trigger “a war between races. This racist had a website where he poured out his hatred of blacks and Hispanics.
_The blacks are “stupid and violent” and represent the biggest problem of the Americans. Same, for Hispanics. For him, the whites are superior to the blacks and must not guilt against the treatment undergone by the blacks. 
According to his uncle, Dylan Roof was a very introverted young man, who spent most of his time in his room. He hardly ever went out and had no friends.
Another of these classmates at the high school explained to the police:

  I never heard him say anything, but he had this sort of Southern pride, as would say. Conservative beliefs strong enough. He did a lot of racist jokes, but we did not really take him seriously. “

  • Location of the drama: South Carolina in the United States, in the Church of the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
    Supplementary Info: Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a true symbol of the struggle of black Americans for their emancipation from slavery and for their civil rights.
  • City: Charleston
  • Number of casualties: 9 blacks were killed.
  • Among the victims were the pastor of the parish, Clementa Pinckney, a great figure of the black community and elected local Democratic Senate. Eight other people, aged 26 to 87 years.
  • Survivors: 3, including a child of 5 years, who, according to CNN, made the death not to be killed.

Victims (+ photo) of the Charleston Church

  • 1. Reverend Clementa Pinckney, age 41

Pastor Clementa Pinckney served the church and state of South Carolina. He was also a senator from the state of South Carolina. He fought for all police officers in South Carolina to be equipped with body cameras. “He was a moral leader of the Senate, and when he spoke, people were listening,” said State Senator Marlon Kimpson (D-Charleston). He is married and has two children.

  • 2. Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, age 45

Sharonda Coleman was a speech therapist and mother of three. She loved her work very much and cared for all the children.

  • 3. Cynthia Hurd, 54 years old

She worked for 31 years at the Charleston County Public Library. All these long-time colleagues were shocked and devastated when they learned of his death.

  • 4. Tywanza Sanders, 26 years old

Tywanza Sanders worked as a barber. And, he graduated from Allen University in 2014, with a degree in Business Administration.

  • 5. Depayne Middleton, 49 years old

She was the mother of four children and sang at the church choir. She has dedicated her life to helping others. She was a graduate of South Weslyan University. She was a former director of the US Department.

  • 6. Susie Jackson, 87 years old

Susie Jackson was a member of the church. It was a long time ago that she was going to pray at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.
Her grandson Michael finds it hard to believe she’s dead. He declares :

It just hurts. It hurts.”

  • 7. Reverend Daniel Simmons, age 74

Danniel Simmons was a retired pastor, but was in charge of the administration of the Emanuel AME Church. He was a loving person, who was always available to help.

  • 8. Ethel Lance, 70 years old

Ethel Lance was an active and devoted member of the church, where she worked for over 30 years.

  • 9. Myra Thompson, age 59

Myra Thompson was the wife of Reverend Anthony Thompson of Holy Trinity REC Church in Charleston. His family is in shock and does not wish to express themselves.
9 black victims Charleston
Victims’s family forgive the murderer for his crime. expresses all these condolences to the families of the victims and that their souls rest in peace.

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