Top 7 camerounian footballers and their beautiful wives

Top 7 camerounian footballers and their beautiful wives

 Like a flower, I want to be watered to survive, so water me so that our love lasts forever. »

It only takes one look for someone to know that it is the man or the woman of his life. In wealth and poverty, these couples of Cameroonian footballers live a passionate love, without limits, which goes through ups and downs, but which last with time. When you are the wife of a famous man, it is not easy every day. You have to be always ready to move to the end of the world, where your husband will play. Not to mention taking care of your children and finding a place to build yourself. But, we must also face the difficulties and scandals, that the couple can meet because of the notoriety. But, if we love each other sincerely and we are able to forgive each other’s mistakes. The love lasts in time and the life of two is even more beautiful from day to day. When one has found his half, one can move mountains. And even if the world crumbles, we are just happy to have lived on this earth, in the company of friends and family. presents 7  Cameroonian football couples.

  • Samuel and Georgette Eto’o

  • Wedding: November 24, 2014 officially in Italy. Then, on June 14, 2016, they do the religious wedding.
  • 3 Children: Maëlle, Lynn and Siena. Specifically, 2 children with Samuel and Georgette had another child from a previous relationship.

After more than 14 years of common life and some scandals, Samuel and Georgette are still together. Behind a big man, hides a woman. Georgette Tra Lou fully respects this saying. She knew how to preserve her home and forgive her husband for his infidelities. His wisdom and love may be the secret of the length of their union. The two lovebirds officially married on November 24, 2014 in Italy. Then, on June 14, 2016, they made a sumptuous religious wedding.

  • Alexandre and Olivia Song

  • Marriage: November 14, 2006
  • 2 Children: Nolan & Kaylian

Alexander Song shares his life with his sublime wife Olivia. Married on November 14, 2006, their love has gone through time and lasts for more than 11 years. Always crazy, they have two beautiful children, named Nolan and Kaylian. Very elegant couples, Olivia and Alexandre are fashion fans. Olivia has opened a clothing store and she loves to coordinate her outfit with her husband’s.

  • Stephane and Olivia Mbia

  • Wedding: May 2011 in Marseille, France
  • Children: 2 children Kassandra and Cesar Jayden

Cameroonian footballer Stephane Mbia has a tender love affair with his wife Olivia. To realize their union, they said “yes” in May 2011 in Marseille and are the happy parents of two children Kassandra and Cesar Jayden. The wife of a young woman is also a stylist owner of the KM & B brand launched in early 2014. Entrepreneur, Olivia is a stylist. In 2014, she decided to launch a men’s clothing line called KM & B (Kwems = Kwemo Mbia Baculus), whose profits will be donated to orphanages.

  • Jacques and Virginia Zoua

  • 3 children

The Cameroonian center-forward, Jacques Zoua is the lucky husband of the magnificent Virginia Diamond. In love, they have three children. Very enterprising, Virginia launched her “Diamond Makeup” business in France. She shares beauty tutorials on her You Tube channel and also organizes masters class in makeup in Cameroon.

  • Aurelien and Leonie Chedjou

  • Marriage : 2015
  • 2 Children: Aurène and Cassius.

The pretty Leonie Chedjou is the discreet woman of the international footballer Aurélien Chedjou. The beautiful couple has a daughter, whose name is Aurène. But Aurélien also has a boy, Cassius, from a previous relationship. A woman with a big heart, Léonie Chedjou is the founding president of the Association for the Young Girls-Mothers of Cameroon (AJFMC).

  • Eric and Nevin Choupo-Moting

  • Wedding : 2013
  • 1 child : Liam

Of German origin, Nevin is the beautiful wife of the Cameroonian international footballer Eric Choupo-Moting. In love, they have a child named Liam.

  • Carlos and Mirielle Kameni

  • Wedding: Saturday, June 20, 2015 in Yaoundé
  • 3 children

After 12 years of relationship, the former guardian of the Indomitable Lions, Carlos Idriss Kameni united for life to the mother of his children, Mireille Edzimbi Christine, Saturday, June 20, 2015. The wedding was celebrated in the city of Yaoundé, the political capital of Cameroon. Despite the rumors of infidelity, the couple went through ups and downs. But their love knew how to hold on.

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