Top 6 most beautiful couples of Congolese stars

Top 6 most beautiful couples of Congolese stars presents 6 of the most beautiful couples of Congolese stars. “If the man is the head, the woman is the neck; the head looks where the neck turns. “A man needs a woman to support him. And a woman needs a man to cherish her and fill her with happiness. Together, they go through moments of happiness, and face dark days. When you have the chance to find your half, give thanks to God. And cherish the beloved. For better or for worse, do not forget to forgive your mistakes. For no human being is perfect and forgiveness is divine.

  • Fally Ipupa and Nana Ketchup

  • Meeting: Fally Ipupa met her longtime girlfriend in Congo.
  • Children: 5. 3 girls and 2 boys.

Congolese singer Fally Ipupa, with a sensual sway, has been in contact for many years with the mother of her children Nana Ketchup. Crazy in love, he regularly writes to him in his songs. She met Fally when he was still a simple dancer.

Nobody believed in his couple at the beginning, but his girlfriend always supported him. Today, she accompanies her darling to all his concerts and important events.

  • Dieumerci Mbokani and Marlène

  • Married couples.
  • 2 children: Jess & Bradley

Congolese international footballer Zaire Dieumerci Mbokani shares his life with the pretty Marlène Mbokani. From this union, were born two children Jess and Bradley.
Marlene is always there for her man. She advises him in his life choices.
She states:

“I advise him, I urge him to take his profession seriously, I serve him as a “mental coach”, but in a friendly way, it’s my husband, not my child, I do not teach him, in our culture we take things in a quiet way, without shouting

They lived a drama. They lost their 5-month-old baby as a result of cardiac arrest. The infant succumbed to sudden unexpected death, a syndrome that affects one in 1,000 children.

  • Chancel Mbemba and Sofia

  • Wedding: 2016
  • Children: 2. A girl and a boy.

Congolese international footballer Chancel Mbemba united for life with the beautiful Sophia Mbemba in 2016. On Monday, June 18, 2019, his wife gave birth to a pretty little princess.

  • Werrason and Sylvie Mampata

  • Married couples
  • Children: 2. Gladie Ngiama and Exaucée Ngiama.

Werrason has been married to Sylvie Masaki dit Mampata for many years. Together they have two children, Gladie and Exaucée. But their story was complicated because his wife’s father was reluctant to accept Werrason. But his wife knew what she wanted, she did not give up the man she loves.. 

 “At first, it was very difficult. Dad did not agree. A rich man always wants to marry his daughter with a rich man. When you introduce him to a musician, he disparages him by saying what is he going to offer you? But we had to convince him, show him some realities. Sylvie Mampata says that many people intervened to convince her father to accept the artist Ngiama Makanda, but that she also fought on her side. “There had been a lot of interventions, but on my side I had told my father: if it is not Werrason, I will not marry another man,” she said..

A man needs a woman to evolve. With the support of his wife, he became an accomplished artist, who is standing in the DRC general elections in Kimbaseke today.

  • Fabregas and Terry Alino

  • Wedding: December 4, 2015
  • Children: 2

.Singer Fabregas, author of the song “Mascara” and dance “Ya Mado”, is married to the beautiful Terry since December 4, 2015.

  • Ferre Gola and Cécile

  • Wedding: January 21, 2017
  • Children: 1

Ferré Gola and Cilia Aigle Jaune said yes, in Bayombe, January 21, 2017.
Congolese artist said:

“All women love to be honored … we were already together and we have children. I made it officially. »

Which couple is your favorite ?


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