Top 6 married couples of Ivorian footballers

Top 6 married couples of Ivorian footballers

Didier Drogba and Lalla Diakité

  • Wedding: June 2011
  • Children: (two boys, Isaac and Kieran, and a girl, Iman)
  • Meeting: January 10, 2000 during a football game of Michel Goba, Didier’s uncle.

During a football match organized by Michel Goba in Brittany, Lalla Diakité made the heart of Didier Drogba capsize. Together, for years, they have all lived together, the good, the bad times. Before meeting Didier, his wife was studying to become a nurse. She had to leave school, following her husband’s dazzling career. After 12 years together, the lovebirds officially said yes in June 2011 at a sumptuous ceremony in Monaco.
Kolo Touré and Chimène Akassou

  • Wedding: June 16, 2012
  • Children: 2.

In couple for years, Chimène Akassou and Kolo Touré face life hand in hand. On June 16, 2012, Chimène becomes the wife of Kolo Touré.
ery discreet, Chimene Akassous Toure prefers to stay in the shadows, away from the media scene. She is a stay-at-home mom and cares for her husband and two children.

 Yaya Toure and his wife Djeneba

  • Wedding: in 2014
  • Children : 3. 

Yaya Toure and his wife Djeneba met when they were very young. As a couple, for more than twelve years, they married in 2018. Their couple had to go through hardships after many rumors of infidelities.
Indeed, Yaya Toure was accused of infidelity by Mariam Camara and having made a child out of wedlock. But he also had a scandal after dating with prostitutes.
Despite everything, his wife Djeneba alais Djenny, supported her husband in this difficult time. We must not forget that no man is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. And as you know, forgiveness is divine.
Yaya Toure’s wife tells the press:

“Being a player wife is not an easy thing. Because you support a lot of things. A married woman must be able to keep her cool in any situation. I love my husband and I want the best for my children.

Eric Bailly and Vanessa Troupah

  • Wedding: June 24, 2016 in Ivory Coast
  • Children: 2.

Eric and Vanessa met in Koumassi, in the pure chance, in a phone booth, since they spin the perfect love. At that time, Eric was in a normal situation. They went through hard times together, fortifying their relationships. They were married on June 26, 2016 in Ivory Coast.
Vanessa exclaims:

“I met Eric when I was running a cabin. He did not meet me in an airplane, in a bar, in a festival, no, he met me at my phone booth with my donuts next door. At the moment, he had nothing, he even came to call on my cabin, today he is an international footballer. “

She supported her man in all his actions in poverty and today in wealth. She helped him with his advice, to become the footballer he became. She advises women to choose a man they love and help them succeed.
Jean Michael Séri and Audrey Gnazalé

  • Wedding: June 17, 2017
  • Children: 2.

On June 17, 2017, Jean Michael Séri married the mother of his two children Audrey Gnazalé. The civil wedding took place in Nice, and the two lovebirds made the religious wedding in Ivory Coast, at the Golf Hotel of Abidjan.

N’Dri Romaric and Aurélie Meïté

  • Wedding: May 20, 2014

For some time now, Ivorian international N’dri Koffi Romaric has been in a relationship with Ivorian Aurélie Méité. In love, he decides to endow it on December 27, 2013 in Abidjan. On May 20, 2014, N’Dri Romaric marries his sweetheart.

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