Top 15 Most Beautiful Places In Jamaica | Visit Jamaica


Montego Bay - Jamaica
White sand beaches, gorgeous waterfalls, deserted coves, Jamaica is the dream destination for all vacationers. Located west of Hispaniola Island, south of Cuba, Jamaica is an independent country in the West Indies. Artistic, artisanal and special gastronomy, Jamaica is the must-see destination to visit once in a lifetime. If you are a fan of reggae, Bob Marley music lovers, do not hesitate and welcome to Jamaica!

Top 15 Most Beautiful Places In Jamaica | Visit Jamaica

1. Montego Bay
Montego Bay - Jamaica 
Montego Bay is one of the major cities of Jamaica with Kingston. With immense, sparkling and sublime beaches, Montego Bay will make you dream when you arrive in Jamaica. Enchanting and intoxicating music, very friendly people, Montego Bay is the tourist capital of Jamaica.
What are different activities to do?

  • Discover historical sites that tell stories of Spanish conquests, revolutions and pirate treasures.
  • Visit the beautiful Georgian architecture and “Gingerbread. “
  • Go swimming on the famous “Doctor’s Cave Beach” in Montego Bay.
  • Do sports activities and water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing or fishing.
  • Go shopping, shopping, markets, restaurants, clubs in Montego Bay.


2. Negril

Negril Jamaica west end cliffs sunset
Located west of Montego Bay, Negril is the rising seaside resort of Jamaica. With beaches more than 7 km long, Negril is the perfect place to have fun in Jamaica. Do not hesitate to stroll along the beach! You will discover sculptors make exhibitions on the beach, sellers of jerks, etc.
What are different activities to do?

  • Bathing in the beaches. Especially at Negril beach, the most beautiful beach in Jamaica.
  • Visit of the first protected natural area of Jamaica.


3. Kingston

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, in spite of the prejudices, it is one of the impossible to circumvent. Welcoming, vibrant, colorful, smiling, Kingston is a vibrant city that must also be visited.
What are different activities to do?

  • Visit of historical center, craft market, shops, etc.
  • Visit Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.
  • Visit the Red Hills Road with its lively streets and jerk stalls.
  • Walking through the surrounding mountains.

 4. Bob Marley museum in Kingston

Bob Marley Museum – Kingston 5
When visiting Kingston, do not hesitate to visit the Bob Marley Museum. It is a museum that pays tribute to the king of reggae. Bob Marley was an invaluable Jamaican artist, guitarist and talented singer of Wailers members. It was at the 56 Hope road, under the label Tuff Gong (the nickname of Bob) that their albums were born.
What are different activities to do?

  • Visit Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.
  • Museum entrance fee $ 20 US.


 5. Cockpit Country

Located in central western Jamaica, Cockpit Country is a 1295 km² limestone plateau. With abundant wildlife, rocky trails, rocks, Cockpit Country is the place to be.
What are different activities to do?

  • Hike to Cockpit Country.


 6. Long Bay

Long bay jamaica
 In northeastern Jamaica, there is Long Bay. Long Bay is one of the most unmissable places in Jamaica. At the heart of a crescent-shaped bay, 1.6 m long, Long Bay will make all tourists dream. With pink sands, the sea to the turquoise color, Long Bay as a good dish, will put you mouth watering.
What are different activities to do?

  • Enjoy the sun, the beautiful beaches and the turquoise sea.
  • Surf the beach.
  • Visit the bay by canoe.
 7. Ochos Rios

ochos rios jamaica
Known as the “heart of Jamaica”, Ochos Rios is a city of Jamaica to visit absolutely. Nicknamed “Ochi”, it is a perfect destination for ecotourism fans, lovers, singles, with stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery.
What are different activities to do?

  • Visit the waterfalls that are surrounded by a lush tropical jungle.
  • Visit and climb the most popular attraction of the area’s “Dunn River Waterfalls.” It is a spectacular 600 feet waterfall that can be climbed on foot.
  • Hiking in the mountains.
  • Visit beautiful parks and nature reserves as well as exotic flora and fauna
  • Ride on horseback to discover natural springs, small basins, limestone caves, and admire a multitude of colorful bird species.
  • Visit Great House of Seville and the Heritage Park.
  • Discover the peaceful village of Nine Miles to explore the home of reggae father Bob Marley.

9.  Dunn’s River Falls
Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica 4
When you visit Jamaica do not hesitate to visit the parks and waterfalls of Dunn’s River Falls. These magnificent waterfalls are located in the town of Ochos Rios in northern Jamaica. 
What are different activities to do?

  • Visit and climb the area’s most popular attraction “the Dunn’s River Falls waterfalls. It is a spectacular 600 feet waterfall that can be climbed on foot.

10. Bob Marley’s birthplace Nine Miles
Bob Marley house, Nine Mile, Jamaica
Nine Miles is the birthplace of Bob Marley. Nine Miles is a legendary venue for reggae and Bob Marley lovers. Around a forest of tropical trees in central Jamaica, many tourists head for Nine Miles.


11. Runaway Bay

Runaway Bay is located between the towns of Montego Bay and Ochos Rios, in the parish of St-Anne. Set on the edge of the ocean, with sublime white sandy beaches, blue, pure, crystal clear water, Runaway Bay is the ideal place for visitors who seek peace and tranquility with a dream setting.
What are different activities to do?

  • Enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches and crystal clear water.
  • Bathing and sunbathing on Runaway Bay beach, which is one of the best Jamaican areas. (68 km from Montego Bay)

12. Dolphin Cove
dolphins cove jamaica 5
In front of Dunn’s River Falls, you will find Dolphin Cove. Many visitors come to Jamaica to visit Dolphin Cove. It is an ideal place to swim and have fun with dolphins.
What are different activities to do?

  • Swim with dolphins at Dolphin Corve. The entry ticket costs (2013) $ 49.49US, to swim with the dolphins, it starts at $ 195US
  • Visit Treasure Reef

13. Martha Brae River
I highly recommend going to Martha Brae River. Located 5 kilometers from the coast and the town of Falmouth, you will find the Rafter’s village. Many tourists go out there and cross the river on a bamboo raft. The bamboo raft is a very romantic activity similar to the gondolas of Venice. The 30ft (9.1M) raft is run by a licensed captain. Approximately, the rafting lasts 1 hour and the course extends 5 km (3mi).

  • Telephone: (876) 952-0889 / 940-7018.

14. Hope Botanical Gardens
Hope botanical gardens - jamaica 3
Come and visit the Hope Botanical Gardens! These are the largest public parks in the Kingston area and its collection of tropical plants. Most of the plants of the Hope Botanical Gardens originated from a French ship in 1782. It is the largest botanical garden in the region.

  • Museum of coconut, the house of the orchids, the gardens below, the labyrinth and the avenue of the palm trees.
  • Royal Botanical Gardens, Hope Hope Road, Kingston.
  •   Tel: 876-927-1085
  • Schedule: from 8:30 to 18:30, every day.

15. Devon House 
devon house 4
In Kingston you will find the Devon house, which is a colonial architecture. The Devon house is a typical Jamaican mansion, inaugurated in 1881. It is a beautiful place to visit.

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