Top 10 Foods to Gain Lean Muscle | Muscle & Fitness


Top 10 Foods to Gain Lean Muscle | Muscle & Fitness

Were you aware that certain foods can help you develop muscles? Indeed, they can help you burn fat while strengthening your muscles. Men who practice weight training apply a diet alternating muscle gain and loss of fat. To gain muscle dry, without getting fat, you need to alternate muscle intake and fat loss.
How to do :

  • 1 / For a few weeks, you eat at will, build muscle, and gain performance. Even if you eat, you must keep a balanced diet. You must practice a sports activity to gain muscle. (Example time 2 or 3 months)
  • 2 / Then, when you feel it is time to lose weight and lose fat, you decrease your diet by eating certain foods and you will lose excess fat. To have a muscular body, you need to consume foods high in protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats. (Example time 2 or 3 months following)

In short :
_Eat balance by consuming foods good for the muscles.
_Train at least 3 times a week to increase your weight.
_Supply enough for recovery.

The authors Lou Schuler and Alan Aragon have written a book “The Lean Muscle Diet. This is a book that helps build a nutrition plan and drive through a diet to build and develop their body without eliminating the foods they love. They have noticed that many people are dropping their diets because they do not like the foods they consume. For this they have done research to tell you that they are foods to ingest to gain muscle while burning fat. Plus, they explain that when you like the foods of your diet, there is a positive effect on your energy levels as well as your mood. When you can stick to your diet, you are obviously getting the best results, and it becomes easy for you to maintain the body you have built for life.
Also, I can tell you that Lou Schuler is an award-winning journalist and fitness writer. Alan Aragon, on the other hand, is one of the most influential figures in the world in the modern movement towards evidence-based sports nutrition. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in the trade.

What foods help to gain muscle while burning fat?

To have lean muscles, you need to associate the intake of food + physical exercise. Remember, you should consume foods high in protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats.

  • 1 / Eggs

Eggs are foods that help to develop lean muscles because they are high in protein and nutrients.

  • 2 / Salmon

Rich in vitamin B, fat, protein and magnesium, salmon is one of the best foods to build lean muscles while burning fat.

  • 3 / Green vegetables.

Increasing her consumption of green vegetables will promote lean muscles. We can cite spinach, broccoli, cabbage, chard, for example, as green foods good for your nutrition.

  • 4 / Sweet potatoes.

Rich in carbohydrates, sweet potato is going to help you in your diet. You will be able to through the carbohydrates in sweet potatoes stabilize glucose in your body, eliminate fats and develop lean muscles.

  • 5 / Chicken breasts.

Consuming white meat, for example, chicken whites is very helpful to have lean muscles and limit the intake of fat in the body.

  • 6 / Almonds.

Eating almonds is ideal for building lean muscles. Rich in magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, protein, almonds thanks to these nutrients, help in the repair of muscles. On the other hand, you have to eat the right amount.

  • 7 / Oats.

Rich in complex carbohydrates, fiber, oat helps for mass gain. It is a pre-workout meal, useful for digestion and a real source of energy.

  • 8 / Whole milk and white cheese.

Lipids, carbohydrates, lactose, calcium in whole milk and white cheese will help you build muscles. After your physical exercise, you can take whole milk or white cheese.

  • 9 / Red meat.

Red meat is good for weight gain. With a good source of fat, protein, heme iron, it is a true ally to increase its muscle mass.

  • 10 / Soybeans.

Many bodybuilding supplements and protein bars include soy protein, which is created from high-protein soybeans. The soy protein is, moreover, rich in arginine and contains no lactose. Soy provides four grams of fiber, which can make you feel full. In addition, it contains all the essential amino acids.
The lean muscle diet allows you to develop your muscles while eliminating fats. You eat specific foods that you like. They will help you during your diet to have energy. But, you also have to opt for a sports activity or bodybuilding. Strength training is done in the arms, chest, legs and belly. Structure your program well by performing sessions that will allow you to fight fat while having adequate recovery time. The goal is to have a muscular and slim body.

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