Toghu: traditional outfit of Northwestern Cameroon
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toghu - traditionnal clothes cameroon

Toghu: traditional outfit of Northwestern Cameroon

The toghu is a traditional outfit very popular in Cameroon. Indeed, it was worn by members of royalty (men and women). It is usually sported during weddings, feasts investitures of chiefdoms and festivals.
Very proud of their traditions and customs, the Cameroonians of the North-West region wear elegantly and refinement the cultural dress “toghu. “
Toghu is a multicolored finely embroidered outfit. It is a black velvet fabric, heavy and resistant to wear.
In 2012, it was worn by the Cameroon Athletics team in London.
It remains today, one of the traditional outfits most popular among the Bamileke. African-American actor Blair Underwood, thanks to the tests Adn has found his origins and his cousin in Cameroon. He loved the traditional dress of these ancestors (see photos above).
The great stylist Kibonen Nfi has chosen to showcase this traditional fabric internationally and it is a real pleasure for our eyes.
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Roger Milla
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Blair Underwood
Kibonen Nfi Collection

Doris Imalenowa in traditional African dress.
Doris Imalenowa in traditional African dress.

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