The origins of African American stars and personnalities

 Who am I ? Where I come from ? Stars and African-American personalities are experimenting with DNA testing to discover their origins. Between crying and joys, they reconnect with their African roots. 
The origins of African American stars and personnalities

DNA testing, an effective solution for Stars and African-American personalities

Africaroots-stars-and-personnality-afro-americanEveryone remembers the miniseries “Roots.” We were all shocked by the last episode of the series or the writer returns to Africa to tread the land of her ancestors. The Racine phenomenon, the election of Barack Obama has been a growing interest in African-American to go to the race of their African origins. Today, thanks to DNA tests, more than 100,000 African Americans were able to trace their family ancestry in Africa. DNA testing, according to the companies, the minimum cost between $ 130 to over $ 650.
The fact that these African Americans find their roots mean a lot. This is a real victory for all those who died during slavery. We all remember Kunta Kinte in roots who would not forget his name and its roots. The slave did everything to distort the roots of removing its name, its identity and its roots. They insisted that it is called “Toby”. Slavery is a dark period of black people that still leave scars in the collective memories. Many of the descendants of African slaves live in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean. They still suffer from the evil that has done to their ancestors. Some dare not even speak of this period, because it is too painful to bear.
When they receive the results of their DNA tests, many African Americans do not hesitate to take the plane and go visit the land of their ancestors. They visit different ports where they were taken slaves. They observe, learn the culture and language of their ancestors. Do not hesitate to come back regularly to Africa with their families and their children to tell them “look, this is the land of my ancestors.”
Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream.” Me, too, I said: “. I look forward one day all the blacks and the descendants of black slaves find their roots and go discover Africa” Indirectly, my dream came true and I thank heaven for that. Africa finds these children and it is a real pride for the African people.
Many of these African-American, Afro-Caribbean fought so that blacks could be free. For that, we can enjoy the same rights as others. Some have sacrificed their lives hoping to one day return to their land. When one of their descendants found their roots back to Africa. This is a real victory for the dead. This is a real victory for all victims of slavery and for the whole of Africa.
Many claim compensation for the harm they have suffered. Find these roots are a form of reparation. Because slavery has not completely won. They failed and have not managed to uproot all Kunta Kinte we are.
In 2006, the program “African American Lives” aired by PBS, will launch the movement of this homecoming. With advanced African-American biologist Rick Kittles, one could find the African ancestry of many African Americans. This show will invite many African American celebrities and personalities to discover their African origins.

What are the origins of stars and African-American personalities? 

Oprah Winfrey

  • kepele people Liberia/Cameroon Bamileke/Nkoka Zambia



In 2006, she participated in the program “African American Lives” organized by Rick Kittle. She underwent DNA testing to determine the genetic composition of cells in his body.
The genetic results confirm that it is 89% black sub-Saharan Africa, 8% Native American and 3% of East Asian origin.
HER maternal ancestors are part of the people of Kpelle (West Africa), located in Liberia and Guinea. It also has roots in the Bamileke people in Cameroon and a Bantu tribe “Nkoka” in Zambia. Very happy, Oprah broke into tears on hearing the news.
Oprah has always claimed his African descent. She initially thought that she was Zulu. She has participated in various humanitarian causes to help Africa. She founded a girl’s school in 2007 in South Africa. 

Oprah winfrey-travel Liberiaoprah3-school-horizontal-large-gallery OPRAH WINFREY WITH FORMER SOUTH AFRICA PRESIDENT NELSON MANDELA 
20070103185949  DNA tested! Oprah Winfrey has Kpelle tribe ancestry


  • Whoopi Godberg
  •  people Papel & Bayote Guinea-Bissau

Roots-origine-Guinea-bissau-whoopi Goldberg


The genetic results confirm that it is 92% black sub-Saharan Africa, 8% of European origin.
His ancestors are from papel and Bayote tribes village Ome, Guinea-Bissau.
Very happy, the Government of Guinea-Bissau address an invitation via the Embassy of the United States.
“Your Excellency Whoopi Goldberg It is with great euphoria that the government of Guinea-Bissau (…) learned your ancestral origins. The news has awakened all of us a deep sense of brotherhood (…) We can not remain indifferent to the new (…) please, come visit our country. “
“We look forward with great anticipation,” said Prime Minister Aristides Gomes, who said he likes the movie “The Color Purple”
Whoopi has not responded to the invitation, as she has a phobia of flying. 

  • Mae (Carol) Jamison
  • Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal



The genetic results confirm that it is 84% black sub-Saharan Africa, 13% in East Asia, 3% Native American.
His ancestors are from Cameroon, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Senegal. Researchers have struggled to find a specific African tribe. 

  • Quincy Jones 
  •  people Tikar, Cameroon

Quincy Jones
Genetic results confirm that it is 66% black sub-Saharan Africa, 34% European. Quincy Jones was surprised by the high percentage of European descent and the fact that there is no Native American ancestry.
His ancestors are from the tribe Tikars, Cameroon. Moreover, it has the Welsh and French origins, as one of the ancestors of his mother is Mary Belle Lanier. Marie Bell Lanier is the wife of James Libra Lanier, who was the cousin of 4 generations of George Washington. But it is also the cousin of the paternal grandfather of John Mccain. 

  • Dr. Ben Carson 
  •  Zaire, Zambia and Angola

Dr Ben Carson


The genetic results confirm that it is 99.9% black sub-Saharan Africa.

His ancestors are from Zaire, Zambia and Angola. 

doctor ben carson  Dr Ben Carson Gifted hands
  • Chris Tucker – Angola

Chris Tucker-origine-Angola
Genetic results confirm that it is 83% black sub-Saharan Africa, 10% Indians and 7% Europeans.
His ancestors came from the Ambundu tribe in Angola. We also discover that his mother descended from the lineage of the Bamileke in Cameroon.
Chris Tucker and Dr Gates visit AngolaVery happy, he was the only one of the eight invited to go to Africa to discover the birthplace of his ancestors. He accompanied Mr. Gates, Angola. They visited a village in the region of “Mbundu” in Angola.

Chris Tucker with Tanzanian school childrenExcited and happy, the villagers have a big party for his reunion with Africa.
Chris Tucker will bind with Africa continuing his travels in Tanzania, Nigeria, etc. (See pictures below). 

  • Chris Rock – Udeme people, Cameroon


His ancestors are from Oedeme people in northern Cameroon.

Diepsloot_pictureMalaak and Chris Rock with the Nkosi family in Diepsloot, Johannesburg, South Africa in December 2007. Surrounded by children, an official visit UNICEF slums of Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya in December 2007. Kibera is the largest slum in Africa African and was devastated by over the current political climate. 

  • Levar Burton Hausa people, Nigeria

Levar burton
The genetic results confirm that it is 83% black sub-Saharan Africa, 10% and 7% Indians Europeans.
His ancestors came from the Hausa tribe in Nigeria. 


  • Blair Underwood – Cameroon

Blair have had DNA tests.
Blair underwood-cameroonAnalyses show that he is a descendant of people Babungo, Cameroon. DNA also connected Blair the test to a distant cousin “Eric Sonjowoh” in Cameroon. Moreover, the actor is associated with several tribes in West Africa.
Very happy, he will go to Cameroon to visit the land of his ancestors. Blair and his father go to visit a distant cousin Eric Sonjowoh. Upon arrival, people were singing and dancing.

wdytya3_bu_0164_blair-in-cameroonBlair Underwood explains that knowledge of his African descent has satisfied a permanent curiosity. It gave him a sense of community. The knowledge gave me a better understanding of the person I have become.
Blair says:
“I think it is important for black Americans to attempt to find their roots. Because of the DNA analysis, we identified 10 generations back to the side of my father. We discovered my family on the side of my father resides in Cameroon in West Africa. my father and I went back to the end of the show and it was like the end of the movie Roots “.
Blair Underwood, it’s a dream come true. 

  • T.D Jakes –  Igbo people, Nigeria



In 2006, he participated in the program “African American Lives” organized by Rick Kittle. He underwent DNA testing.

Test results: 100% black SSA
Of the 9 people from the issue, TD Jakes was one of only correctly guess his African descent.
His ancestors are from the Igbo people in southeastern Nigeria. It is also the Igbo people in Nigeria by her maternal grandmother. 

  • Spike Lee – people Tikar, Cameroon

Spike Lee made DNA testing. The opportunity to know his origins is offered by the organization African Ancestry Company.
His ancestors are from people Tikar, Cameroon.
Spike Lee says:

I grew up in Brooklyn and New York and I always envied my American-Italian friends when coming summer. They were returning to Italy, where they found their families. My friends Puerto Ricans were returning to Puerto Rico. My friends Irish returning to Ireland. and I was going to Alabama or Georgia where mine were. But I knew it was not where we were from. I still have a few experienced evil. Now that the possibility is given to us by science and DNA studies, African Americans now have the ability to find traces of their ancestors. “

Spike Lee, also states:

The images of Africa that we receive are often limited and negative. It is therefore not surprising that African Americans do not have a positive connection to the mainland. Now, thanks to DNA, African Americans can finally discover the African region or their ancestors came. It was a revelation for me and my family only to discover a part of our heritage. “

  • Isaiah Washington ethnic Mende & Temne, Sierra Leone

Isiah washington
Isaiah Washington made DNA testing.
With technology, it was discovered that his ancestors on the side of her mother are people of Mende Temme, two ethnic groups in the country of Sierra Leone. On the side of his father, he is a descendant of the Mbundu people, an ethnic group in Angola.
Impatient, he flew to Africa on 22 May 2006, in the direction of Sierra Leone. The actor makes regular trips to Sierra Leone. He received a very warm welcome from the people during his trip to Sierra Leone.
IsaiahWashington-passport-sierra-leoneHe fights to become a citizen of Sierra Leone. His dream will be fulfilled. He will get a passport and become a citizen of Sierra Leone. His dual citizenship is granted by the President Ernest Bai Koroma, in 2008.
Isaiah-Washington-in-Sierra-LeoneMende people gave him the honorary title of Gondabay Manga II. According to history, the first Gondabay Mende was a leader, very brave, who died defending his village in a battle in the eighteenth century.
He used his celebrity status to draw attention of the United States for his country Sierra Leone. He is actively involved in various humanitarian operations to help his country. Isaiah Washington founded “the Gondobay Manga Foundation,” which aims to help more than one million children in Sierra Leone. The actor makes a point of honor to achieve a sense of hope for his adopted village and his country Sierra Leone.
Isaiah Washington quote:

This Afro Service gave me a bookend missing on a long literature on Africa. I now have a sense of closure and a new meaning to the term African American.”
My roots found me in my dreams. I believe that Africa called its best and brightest back home to rebuild. What I am doing.”

He specifies :

I’ve always been Africa, but now I learn the African language and culture that was taken of me as descendants of the people Mende and Temne.”

Actor Isaiah Washington Appointed Chief of Sierra Leone Tribe
  • Forest Whitaker – Igbo ethnic group, Nigeria

forest-whitakerHis ancestors are from Nigeria. Indeed, the ancestors of his father come from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. Specifically, they are located in the village of Nkwere. Forest admire the Igbo people.
Forest Whitaker traveled to the land of his ancestors. He met the actor Danny Glover, who stayed together in Nigeria on the occasion of the 5th edition of Africa Movie Academy Awards that took place in Bayelsa state. They have been linked by Chief Nze Chukwuka Anyiam-Osigwe. (Source Nigerian newspaper Vanguard)

Forest Whitaker-nigeriaDanny Glover and Forest Whitaker were cheered by the crowd. They were warmly welcomed by players tam tam and dancers. They were both honorary titles.
Forest Whitaker received that day, the honorary chief “of Nwannedinambe Nkwerre” means “a foreign land brother,” Sunday, April 5, 2009.
The Anyiam-Osigwe leader said:

This is our lost brother. We found him after all these years, and brought him home. There is a man Nkwere to find the way home after all these years (…) Today ‘ hui our brother Whitaker and his friend Glover will be made Nkwere leaders and it is not easy to be chief Nkwere because there are only 30 in the world. “

Whitaker said the magazine Next that it was not the first time he came to Nigeria.
Forest Whitaker explained that he was very interested to work with directors and Nigerian producers. This is great news for the film industry Nollywood.
Forest Whitaker says:

Now I know where I am, it is the greatest gift anyone can receive.”

  •  Danny GloverNigeria

His ancestors are from Nigeria.
Danny Glover visits at least 3 times a year in Nigeria.
Forest Whitaker-nigeria 1Danny Glover crossed the actor Forest Whitaker, Nigeria. Both players went all the village Nkwerre in Imo State, eastern Nigeria. They were warmly welcomed by the local population. That day, the pair received honorary titles.
Danny Glover received the honorary chief “of Enyioma Nkwerre” which means “a good friend”, Sunday, April 5, 2009
Danny Glover and Forest Whitaker, deeply moved, thanked the chief and the local population. They thanked them for having them accepted in the community and find worthy of being honored. 

Forest Whitaker-nigeria 1Danny Glover-Forest Whitaker-roots-nigeria 2 Danny Glover-Forest Whitaker-chief in nigeria
  •  Vanessa WilliamsGhana, the British Isles, Cameroon, Finland, Europe, Togo, Benin, Senegal

Vanessa did a DNA test. The genetic results confirm that it is in Ghana 23%, 17% British Isles, Cameroon 15%, 12% Finland, 11% Southern Europe 7% Togo, Benin 6%, 5% Senegal, 4% Spain / Portugal

Vanessa Williams -avec son défunt père Milton WilliamsVanessa Williams family are very happy. They all look forward to visit all these countries. The biggest surprise was Finland. They all look forward to visit this country.
In the show who do you think you are, Vanessa reveals a document which states that his grandfather David Carll was never a slave.
Very happy, Vanessa exclaimed:

Now I can not wait to go to Ghana and Cameroon and Togo and Senegal”
I love to travel and I like to explore, and I have to admit I’ve always been jealous of people who knew their cultural background. Both my family and I went out with clear eyes, so obviously there a recessive gene here. not knowing what has made me very curious. “

Grand père Williams A
  • Samuel L. JacksonGabon

His ancestors are from the tribe Benga, Gabon. 

  •  Taraji P.Henson people Masa, Cameroon

 She made DNA testing.
Its origins come from the Masa tribe in Cameroon.

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  • Condoleezza Ricepeople Tikar, Cameroon

The tests revealed that she was a descendant of people Tikar, Cameroon.

  • Andrew YoungSierra Leone, Sudan

Andrew Young -africanroots- Sierra Leone, soudan
At first, the former ambassador did not know his ancestry, although the technology existed.
Andrew explains:
“I guess I never really wanted to know where in Africa I was from because I would decide where I was to where I was.” Young said. “I wanted to be in all of Africa, not just a particular place in Africa. “
The results show that the line of his mother is from the Mende tribe in Sierra Leone. This tribe also has roots in Sudan. Research shows that Andrew Young is a cousin of the head of the Amistad slave rebellion in the 1850s.
As an activist, he has traveled extensively in Africa, helping many countries. Prior to his DNA test, he said he was very close to countries such as Angola, South Africa and Tanzania. He has worked to promote the economic development of these countries.
With the results of the DNA test, he wants to focus and participate in the development of Sierra Leone.

  • Maya Angelou Sierra Leone

Her lineage descends from a family of Mendes, Sierra Leone. 

  • India ArieGuinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia

Origins come from the Fula people of Guinea-Bissau, Mende people of Sierra Leone and the Kru people of Liberia.

  • Jim Brown – Nigeria

His origins are from Nigeria.  

  • Don Cheadle Cameroon

 His origins are from Cameroon.
Don Cheadle is committed to the cause of the genocide in Rwanda in 1990. He traveled to Sudan to visit refugee camps and meet with survivors of Darfur.

  • Kimberly EliseMali

The maternal line of her mother is the people Shanghai, Mali
Kimberly Elise says:

sanaa-lathan-regina-hall-kimberly-elise-south-africa-the-jasmine-brandLearning my line of equipment was deeply enlightening. Not only for me but for my daughters, mother, aunts, etc.”
The Afro information to me gave me an anchor to my past, my present makes it all the more valuable and precious to me. And that self-knowledge gives me power. I know my lineage and history of my people. I just Songhai people and through my research, I learned my ancestors are known to be excellent craftsmen, royalty and warriors of great strength and skill. knowing that these traits are the composition of my DNA nuclei puts all the pieces of who I am instinctively up and gives me the courage to continue living as I always – my heart and my throat instincts that I . advance in life I can now pass this on to my children and they can remember what I do, “I was born Songhai -. queen, artist, warrior and sage” I LOVE that I love it!. “

She went to visit South Africa with actress Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall.

  • Roberta Flack – Cameroon

Origins are from Cameroon. 

  • Morgan Freeman – Niger

African origins of Morgan Freeman come from Niger. 


  • Louis Gosset Jr. – Sierra Leone, Liberia


His origins descendant of the people of Sierra Leone and Liberia.

  • Glenda Hatchett “Judge Hatchett” – Nigeria

Glenda Hatchett did a DNA test.
The results show that she is from the Yoruba and Hausa tribe, Nigeria.

  • Tom Joyner – Sierra Leone

Tom Joyner performed a DNA test.
The results show that it is derived in part from Sierra Leone.

  • Shirley Clarke Franklin – Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone

Shirley Clarke Franklin did a DNA test.
His origins are found in Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. 

  • Dorothy Height – Temne people, Sierra Leone

My ancestors of the Temne people in Sierra Leone. 

  • Barbara Lee – Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone

 Barbara Lee-Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone
Her ancestors are from Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. 

  • Dr. Louis W. Sullivane – Sierra Leone

His ancestors are from Sierra Leone. 

  • Diane Watson – Central African Republic

Her ancestors come from Biaka people in northern Central African Republic. 

  • Chauncey Davis Antoine – Sierra Leone, Liberia

His origins come from Sierra Leone and Liberia. 

  • Trevor Pryce – Sierra Leone, Liberia

his ancestors are from Sierra Leone and Liberia.  

  • Dedreck Etan Thomas “Etan Thomas” – Sierra Leone

 My ancestors are from Sierra Leone.
In 2012, he wrote a moving book “Fatherhood,” which speaks of paternity. In this book, he talks about his childhood as an orphan, and the importance of fatherhood.
Basketball player with a big heart, he gave 30,000 dollars for earthquake victims in Haiti. 

  • Dr. John Hope Franklin – Sierra Leone

According to DNA analysis, John Hope franklin is a descendant of the people of Sierra Leone. 

  • Dr. Wade Nobles – Sierra Leone

His ancestors came from Sierra Leone.
In this photo, he received the honor of being dressed as a traditional leader,
Nkwasohene to Akwasiho – Kwahu Region of Ghana (West Africa).

  • Donnie Simpson – Cameroon

Donnie Simpson has used DNA testing to find his African descent.
African origins of Donnie Simpson are from Cameroon.

  • Ysaye Maria Barnwell – Cameroon

The African origins are from Cameroon.

  • Frank Rodriguez “Frank Ski” – Cameroon and Nigeria

Frank Ski -africanroots- Cameroon & Nigeria
His ancestors are from Cameroon and Nigeria.

  • Susan L. Taylor – Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Liberia


Her African origins are from Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone & Liberia. 

  • Mark Thompson – Sierra Leone & Cameroon

His origins are in Sierra Leone & Cameroon.

  • Charles Burnett – Sierra Leone and Liberia

His origins go down from the Sierra Leone and Liberia. 

  • Sybil Wilkes – Nigeria

She is originally from Nigeria. 

  • Kim Coles – Ghana & Sierra Leone

Kim Coles has its roots in Ghana and Sierra Leone. 

  • Barbara Mckinzie – Guinea-Bissau

Her african roots come from Guinea-Bissau.  

  • Reverend Jesse Jackson – Sierra Leone

His african roots come from Sierra Leone. 

  • Roland Martin – Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal

Roland Martin will do a DNA test to find his roots.
His are from Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal. Rather, it was discovered that these ancestors are the Mende and Temne people in Sierra Leone, the Mandingo people of Senegal and the Balanta people in Guinea-Bissau.
Before doing the DNA test, Roland Martin did not know the origins of his father.
Roland Martin says:

Deep inside, I always wanted to know more, and as a journalist, it’s my job to ask. “

He added:

I am more determined than ever to fill the gap as best I can, and I will make my mission to go to Sierra Leone, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau to personally teach the people I am connected with under the DNA in West Africa. in fact, I’m going with Washington and other at the end of May for a two week trip in Sierra Leone. “

  • Hill Harper – Nigeria & Ghana

Hill Harper -africanroots- Nigeria & Ghana1
His origins are found in Nigeria and Ghana.  

  • Dick Gregory – Nigeria, Bioko Island 

His roots are from Nigeria and Bioko Island. 

  • Malcom David Kelley – Nigeria

His origins are from Nigeria. 

  • Herman Skip Mason ” Skip Mason” – Cameroon

His origins are in Cameroon. 

  • Régina-King – Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Liberia

Origins are from Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone and Liberia.  

  • Robin Roberts – Liberia

Through its direct maternal line, Robin Roberts down people from ethnic Kru Liberia. 

  • Russ Parr – Nigeria

Russ Parr shares its genetic ancestry with people in Niger.

  • Omarosa Manigault – Nigeria

Her African origins are Yoruba, Nigeria.
Omarosa told a reporter:

My full name is Omorosaonee is a Yoruba name meaning” my mother wanted child. “The family of my father is Nigerian mother is American. I understand where I came from and my lineage. I mean, you look at my cheeks, watching my mind of fierce fighting and attitude, you know exactly where I am from. I went to Nigeria three years ago and I’ve done all around the press there about three weeks and helped launch Africa Apprentice. it was very exciting. “

  • Raymond Windbush – Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon

Raymond A. Winbush made DNA testing to discover his African roots.
The results show that it has a pedigree with tribes in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

  • Révérend James Meeks – Sierra Leone

His origins are from Sierra Leone 

  • Diane Reeves – Niger

Her origins are from Niger.  

  • Martin Luther-King – Sierra Leone

African roots of Martin Luther King come from Sierra Leone. 

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Through this article, we find that African Americans are looking more and more their origins. All this, leads to questions about dual nationality. How will African countries react? Are they right the wrongs of the past by agreeing to grant dual citizenship to African-American? What are the African countries that already accept dual nationality?

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