The most famous DJs & Arrangers from Ivory Coast

The most famous DJs & Arrangers from Ivory Coast

Since the advent of Coupé Décalé music, the Dj take a considerable place in Ivory Coast. Indeed, Ivorian music is so dynamic that it adapts to eras and generations. These Dj have become in a very short time, thanks to their creativity and their originality, essential stars of African music.

  • 1/ DJ Arafat

_His real name: Ange Didier Houon
Dj Arafat is one of the iconic figures of the coupe-quirky after generation Douk Saga. Very popular in Côte d’Ivoire and on social networks, Arafat is always talked about him thanks to his many hit hits, his rants and scandals.
Awards and distinctions:

  • He has two Kora of African music.
  • He received the IvoirmixDj Gold Record.
    He is elected the best African artist Ceremony Equatorial Guinea.
  • He is also the Best Male Artist Winner cut off 2016;
  • He also received the César of Ivorian Music …
  • He is crowned for the second year in a row “Best Artist of the Year” for the second edition of the “Coupé-Shifted Awards”. “


  • 2/ Serge Beynaud

His real name: Guy Serge Beynaud Gnolou
Serge Beynaud has made his place in the musical world of coupé-décalé with his arrangements and his hit dance “Okinninkpin”. Author-composer-arranger, he has received numerous awards for his original work and talent. Nickname the model of arrangers, Serge is no longer a heart to take. He got married on December 10, 2016 with the queen of his heart.
Awards and distinctions:

  • Serge has been named best male artist.

  • 3/ Bébi Philip

_His real name: N’Guessan Philippe Bébi Amessan
Considered one of the greatest musical arrangers and guitarists in Africa, Bébi Philip is an author, composer, arranger and conductor. He is a complete Ivorian artist, very professional, who has distinguished himself from others with his collaborations and productions of hit hits. For example, he produced the single Bobaraba, by DJ Mix. He released an album “Joie de vivre” in 2012 and recorded a dozen recorded singles. Today, it has evolved a lot. He became an artist-singer and launched a beautiful sound in 2017. He has featured with Kofi Olomide, Eddi Kenzo and many others.


  • 4/ Dj Debordeau

His real name: Patrick Sery Tanguy or Debordeau Leekunfa
Thanks to the hit song Kpangor, with Dj Arafat, Debordeau Dj has taken a considerable place in Ivorian music.
Awards and distinctions:

  • The rival of DJ Arafat, also won for the second time, the prize for the best concept with its title “Pikimin. “
  • 5/ Dj Kédjévara

With his hit Tchoukou-Tchoukou, which was a real success in Ivory Coast. Dj Kédjévara was able to win and get noticed in the middle. Some know him because he is also the son of Antoinette Allany, a well-known Ivorian artist.

  • 6/ Dj Mix PREMIER

His real name: Sofonnou Yaovi Emile Claver
Regarded as the most beautiful voice of the coupé-shifted, Mix Premier received the trophy of the most beautiful voice at the Offered Coupe Awards in 2016. The Ivorian-Beninese artist has made about twenty singles and three albums. He developed his passion for music when he spent time in his mother’s maquis. With the dream of becoming a DJ, he followed a training to reinforce his knowledge in the field. Thanks to his meeting with Dj SAT, he will gradually return to the world of Dj and sign his first contract as a DJ in the maquis “the big court” in Abidjan in the town of Marcory.
Awards and distinctions:

  • He received the prize for the most beautiful voice.
  • DJ Mix Premier has been awarded for Best Clip: “Headache”


  • 7/ Dj Leo

The child of Grand Bassam, author of the song “Profitez de la vie “, is one of the most influential Dj of Ivory Coast. Dj Leo ranks at the forefront of quirky coupé artists.

But there are also many talented DJs in Ivory Coast, who have marked the history of Ivorian music, like Dj Doug Saga (who has died), DJ Lewis, Dolisiana Debordo, Francky Dicaprio.

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