The magnificent beaches of Ivory coast’s coastline

The magnificent beaches of Ivory coast’s coastline


With fine sandy beaches, the Ivory Coast coast stretches over 500 km facing the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Guinea. The eastern and western Ivorian coastline has magnificent beaches towards (Abidjan, San-Pedro Grand-Bassam and Assainie), bordered by coconut plantations, rocky cliffs and sandy coves in the south-west. It is a paradisiacal place of rest and leisure.

Sassandra’s beaches

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For example, you can go to Sassandra, 210 km west of Abidjan, which is known for its wonderful sandy beaches and rocks. Le Bivouac Beach is accessible on foot. From Abidjan, there is a bus that takes you to Sassandra.
To get to the other beaches you will need to take a taxi.
You can also visit the fishing village of the Fanti ethnic group. There is a pretty Poly-Plage and its small fishing hamlet Fanti.

Assouinde’s beaches


In addition, you can go and discover the deserted beaches of the city of Assouinde, 30 miles east of Abidjan. It is a seaside resort with palm-fringed hotels. It is possible to go surfing.

Grand-Lahou’s beaches


Grand Lahou beach is popular with tourists and Ivorians alike for its coconut beaches. There are accommodation possibilities with the many hotels nearby.

Grand-Bassam’s beaches


There is also the Grand-Bassam beach which is visited by many tourists for its fishing and water sports. You will find the best restaurants to eat the good food of the country.

Assinie’s beaches


The wealthiest Ivorians go to relax on the beaches of Assinie, as it has two holiday villages.
What are the various activities to do on the Ivorian coast?

  • Practice of many water sports.
  • Sunbathing in the sun.
  • Walking on the cliffs.
  • Visit the boat cemetery. (organised by the Abidjan Transport Company Sotra).
  • Visit the Bay of Billionaires. (organised by Société des transports abidjanais Sotra)


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