The 22 most beautiful wives of African footballers | Soccer Wives

The 22 most beautiful wives of African footballers | Soccer Wives

  Behind every great man there’s a great woman »

Often unknown to the general public, the women of African footballers share their lives with famous and popular men. Beautiful, intelligent, discreet and strong, they have to fight every day to face the popularity of their often coveted husbands, to raise and protect their children.
Whether housewives, model or businesswomen, they are the pillars of their homes. They share the sorrows and joys of their champions while finding their place in this world of rhinestones and sequins. Their lives are at 100 per hour. They live in the four corners of the world to follow their husbands including their respective clubs. Responsible and courageous, they manage their families with a lot of love and patience. Here is a list of the most beautiful wags of African football.

  • Menaye Donkor

  • Husband: Ghanaian footballer Sulley Muntari
  • Wedding: December 25, 2010
  • Origin: Ghanaian
  • 1 Child: Jamal Krasie Muntari

Former beauty queen “Miss Universe Ghana 2014”, Menaye Donko is a beautiful and intelligent woman (graduated in Marketing from York University in Toronto). The wife of Ghanaian footballer Sulley Muntari, Menaye is a formidable businesswoman and entrepreneur, who manages and owns several companies. Menaye founded the Italian luxury brand SHE-Y. That is to say, she created natural products at the beginning of 2016 using ethical shea butter from Ghana.
Philanthropist and generous, she launched in 2004 a charitable organization Menaye which aims to help disadvantaged children. His association offers them free quality education, health care and scholarships in Ghana. A percentage of the profits from the sales of his SHE-Y business is donated to Menaye Charity Organization.
Menaye Donkor advocates equal opportunities and gives back to those in need all the good that life has given him. In parallel, she deals with her husband’s affairs.

  • Virginia Zoua

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Jacques Zoua
  • Origin: Cameroonian
  • 3 Children

Virginia Diamant is a very pretty wag of the African footballer. Former employee of the Cameroonian airline Camer-co, she is married to Jacques Zoua. Passionate about make-up and beauty, Virginia founded her “Diamond Makeup” business in France. Through social networks, especially her YouTube channel, she shares beauty tutorials and also organizes master class masters in Cameroon.


  • Amarachi Nwankwo

  • Husband: Nigerian football player Kanu Nwankwo
  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Wedding: December 2004 in Imo State, Nigeria. (over 13 years together)
  • 3 Children

Amarachi Nwankwo is the sublime wife of former Nigerian international footballer Kanu Nwankwo. Many bad tongues spoke about her, because Amarachi married very young in 2004 at the age of 18. Indeed, there were more than 10 years of differences between her and Kanu. But happiness and the 14 years have shown that the age difference does not mean anything. Their love lives on in time. The couple has three children: two sons and one daughter, and they are always happy together. In her interviews, Amarachi repeatedly stated that she married for love and had genuine feelings for her husband.
 During her marriage, Amarachi continued her studies. She had a first degree in architecture and a second in MBA specialized in entrepreneurial management. She has worked with many of the best architecture companies in London. Now, Amarachi is planning to start his own interior design business and work on a schedule that suits him to be more present with his family. In addition, Amarachi Kanu wrote her first book “Healthy Living” in July 2017 in sports and fitness.
You can get married at age 30 and be unhappy. You can get married at 18 and get a caring husband, stepchildren, education, and even open your own business. It all depends on the relationship you have built.

  • Adaeze Yobo

  • Husband: Nigerian footballer Joseph Yobo
  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Wedding: in 2010
  • 3 Kids: Joey, Jayden & Lexine

Always smiling and happy, Adaeze Igwe is a happy and happy woman. For over 7 years, she is married to Nigerian footballer Joseph Yobo and has 3 children born from this union. She juggles permanently between her modeling career and her role as a mother. She loves sharing photos of her husband and kids on social networks.
Former beauty queen, Adaeze Yobo was voted the most beautiful woman in Nigeria in 2008. She has been described many times as one of the most elegant football wives in Africa. A woman with a big heart, she founded an Adaeze Igwe charity that raises awareness about the fight against AIDS and breast cancer and raises donations for projects such as malaria and tuberculosis. She is UN ambassador for peace.

  • Fatou Zahra Mbow

  • Husband: Senegalese footballer Cheikhou Kouyaté
  • Wedding: 2017
  • Origin: Senegalese

Angelic beauty, Fatou Zahra Mbow is the discreet wife of Senegalese international footballer Cheikhou Kouyaté. She has been living with him for many years. Actress in the series “Double Life” and host TFM, Fatou us flood of his professionalism and beauty.
Tender and simple in life, Zahra loves the world of football because she is the sister of Pope Daouda Mbow, a Senegalese international former Olympique Marseille player.

  •  Stephanie Oforka

  • Husband: Nigerian footballer Kalu Uche
  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Wedding: Friday / Saturday June 17 and 18, 2011
  • 2 Children

 A sublime beauty, Stephanie Oforka is the wife of Nigerian international footballer Kalu Uche. In 2008, Stephanie was elected Miss Nigeria (MBGN), then she represented her country at Miss Universe. After her reign, she returned to school to finish her studies at the University of Port Harcourt.
Stephanie founded her company in 2010. Then, she launched her beauty and wellness brand Stephanie Nicholas Wellnes in 2016.

  • Georgette Eto’o

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Samuel Eto’o
  • Traditional wedding: 2007 / Civil wedding: in 2016.
  • Origin: Ivorian
  • 3 children

Strong, mature and courageous, Georgette Tra Lou is the wife of Cameroonian legend Samuel Eto’o. Before meeting her husband, Georgette was responsible for a hair salon in Nantes.
After 14 years of relationships and some scandals, Georgette stayed close to Samuel in the good and the worst moments. Sage and ambitious, she created a luxury boutique in Abidjan and Milan.
In addition, in everyday life, Georgette devotes herself fully to her children and her husband. She had two children with Samuel and a senior daughter from a previous relationship. In 2016, Samuel and Georgette had a wonderful wedding in Italy.


  • Olivia Song

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Alexandre Song
  • Marriage: November 14, 2006
  • Origin: Cameroonian
  • 2 Children : Nolan & Kaylian Song

Shy and clever, Olivia Song is beautiful  wife of Cameroonian footballer Alexandre Song. Together for 11 years, they have two gorgeous children. Fashion fan and entrepreneur, in 2012, she launched a ready-to-wear boutique in Yaoundé, Cameroon, named “Next”, then renamed “Olivia S.” Very elegant couples, Olivia and Alexandre are two fashionistas, who love to match their outfits.

  • Lalla Diakité Drogba

  • Husband: the Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba
  • Meeting: January 10, 2000 during a football game of Michel Goba, Didie’s uncle.
  • Marriage: June 2011
  • Origin: Malian
  • Children: 3. (two boys, Isaac and Kieran, and a girl, Iman)

Shy and reserved, Lalla Diakité is the wife of the legendary Ivorian player Didier Drogba. When Didier and Lalla met, Lalla was studying nursing. Due to the rapid success of her husband and multiple trips to foreign cities, she was forced to stop studying. For the sake of her children and her husband, she became a housewife. She favors her family by ensuring the education of her three children. After 12 years together, they officially marry in June 2011 at a sumptuous ceremony in Monaco.

  • Olivia Mbia

  • Husband: Cameroonian footballer Stéphane Mbia
  • Origin: Cameroonian
  • Wedding: May 2011 in Marseille, France
  • Children: 2 children (Kassandra and Cesar Jayden)

Simple, discreet and determined, Olivia Kwemo is the daughter of Mayor Pierre Kwemo of Bafang. She is also the wife of Cameroon international footballer Stéphane Mbia. Entrepreneur, Olivia is a stylist. In 2014, she decided to launch a men’s clothing line called KM & B (Kwems = Kwemo Mbia Baculus), whose profits will be donated to orphanages. At the Firma in Spain, she runs for her clothing brand. She opens her first store in London, England. And, in the future, it wants to open more shops in Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Gabon, Kinshasa, Ivory Coast and both Congo.
Olivia is on all fronts at the career level and also cares for her 2 children and her husband. Generous, she also takes the time to help orphans.

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  • Nimot Taiwo

  • Husband: Nigerian football player Taye Taiwo
  • Origin: Nigerian
  • Wedding: June 26, 2004
  • 2 Children: Ahliyat & Azeem

Nimot Aderonke Taiwo is the immense beauty that made Nigerian defender Taway Taiwo’s head spin. Taye Taiwo is crazy in love with his wife. He tells the world how beautiful his wife and the mother of his two children are. In 2016, Taiye Taiwo and her lovely wife, Nimot, celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary.

 It doesn’t matter whether it is our first, fifth,tenth or fifteenth anniversary. What matters is that I Will always love you and will always love me .our house would Never have become a home without you. our kids would never have understood the meaning of family without you. l would have never experienced love without you. if a genie came to me and granted me a Few wishes, it would be a complete Waste . Because with you by my side l already have everything I could ever ask for. We,ve come a long way Since we met each other for the the first Time. Happy moments, sad times, nasty fight and crazy Misunderstanding- we,ve been Through it all. I have no regrets and even if had the chance of doing it all again ,I’d do it the extra same way and with no one else but you. The gift that l got for you on our anniversary, is insignificant in font of how you have given me a Meaningful life and a loving family Some husbands dedicated songs, Some dedicated a Facebook page and Some dedicated gifts to their wives on a wedding anniversary. I have kept it Simple and dedicated my whole life to you, Sweetheart. Happy anniversary.”

In parallel, Nimot is a professional makeup artist.

  • Valerie Bishop Diouf

  • Husband: Senegalese footballer El Hadj Diouf
  • Children: 2 girls (Kenza and Kella)

 Valérie Bishop is for several years the wife of the Senegalese international player El Hadj Diouf. Patient and discreet, she is the mother of two El Hadji children. Despite the repeated escapades of her husband, they are still together until today. In an interview, Valérie confides:

 People have a lot of prejudices about women footballers, but I do not live like a princess. I make Senegalese dishes (thiep, soupou kandja) for my husband, I receive his friends and I feed them. Apart from the housekeeper who comes twice a week, I take care of my home like a real Senegalese woman… »

She adds this « My husband is a wonderful, kind man who takes care of me, his family. Rumors if I had to listen to them, I will not be there anymore. I have been with my husband for 11 years. People sometimes go so far as to say that our marriage is a contract, but they know nothing of our life… »

  • Sonia Jude Ighalo

  • Husband: Nigerian footballer Odion Ighalo
  • 3 Children

Gorgeous Sonia is married for more than eight years to Nigerian international footballer Odion Ighalo. She is also the mother of three children.

  • Yvonne Ayew

  • Husband: Nigerian footballer André Ayew
  • 1 Child

Yvonne is the wife of Ghanaian professional footballer Andre Ayew. They have a very cute baby. The couple had their daughter’s face tattooed on their arms. Despite the rumors of infidelity, they are still together.


  • Tracy Adiyiah

  • Husband: Ghanaian footballer Dominic Adiyiah.
  • Wedding: 2013
  • 1 child

Tracy is the beautiful wife of Ghana striker Dominic Adiyiah. Adiyiah and Tracy got married in 2013.

  • Marlène Mbokani

  • Husband: the Congolese footballer Dieumerci Mbokani
  • 2 children: Jess & Bradley

Elegant and luscious, Marlène Mbokani shares her life with Congolese international footballer Dieumerci Mbokani. Marlene and her husband have two young boys: Jess & Bradley. Marlène takes her role as a football woman to heart:

I advise him, I urge him to take his profession seriously, I serve him as a “mental coach”, but in a friendly way, it’s my husband, not my child, I do not teach him, in our culture we take things quietly, without shouting

The couple experienced a terrible tragedy. They lost their 5-month-old infant as a result of cardiac arrest. The infant succumbed to the unexpected sudden death, a syndrome that affects in 1000 children. “It’s a shock for the whole family.
Marlène continues:

Dieumercihas also become stronger over the years, he showed it when our son died


  • Leonie Chedjou

  • Husband: the Cameroonian footballer Aurélien Chedjou
  • Wedding: 2015
  • 2 Child: Aurène and Cassius.

The pretty Leonie Chedjou is the discreet woman of the international footballer Aurélien Chedjou. The beautiful couple has a daughter, whose name is Aurène. But Aurélien also has a boy, Cassius, from a previous relationship.
A woman with a big heart, Léonie Chedjou is the founding president of the Association for the Young Girls-Mothers of Cameroon (AJFMC). Since 2013, the Association AJFMC aims to raise awareness and educate young mothers – mothers. For example, he is involved in the fight against early pregnancy, through awareness campaigns and the social reintegration of the young mother-daughter.

  • Sofia Mbemba

  • Husband: Congolese footballer Chancel Mbemba
  • Wedding: 2016

In 2016, Sofia became the wife of Congolese footballer Chancel Mbemba.


  • Charité Adebayor

  •  Emmanuel Adebayor
  •  1 Children

Charité Abebayor shares the life of footballer Togolese international Emmanuel Adebayor. Although some sources claimed that their couple was faltering over time, no divorce has been confirmed to date.

  • Chimène Akassou

  • Husband: Ivorian footballer Kolo Touré
  • Wedding: June 16, 2012
  •  2 Children

As a couple for years, Chimène Akassou became the wife of Ivorian footballer Kolo Touré, June 16, 2012. Very discreet, Chimene prefers to stay in the shadows, away from the media scene. For more than 9 years living together, she is a housewife and cares for their 2 children.


  • Melissa Satta Boateng

  • Husband: Ghanaian footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng
  • Wedding: 2016

Melissa Satta is a beautiful presenter on Italian television. She married international Ghanaian footballer Kevin-Prince Boateng in 2016.

  • Abena Asamoah

  • Husband: Ghanaian footballer Kwadwo Asamoah
  • 2 Children: Jason and Jada.

Abena Asamoah is the wife of the Ghanaian international footballer, Juventus of Turin, Kwadwo Asamoah. She graduated from the University of Ghana with an Executive MBA in Business Management. The couple has two children Jason and Jada.


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