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Stylish ethnic cushion | LA PETITE CONGOLAISE presents to you the ethnic cushions of the small brand of Congolese. La petite congolaise is a company created by Laurence Kanza, a British designer from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
In order to show the modern face of Congolese design and creativity, Laurence was inspired by aspects of Congolese life. She has created a range of vibrant and colorful interior furniture that reflect her country of origin in the Congo, as well as the personality of the person who buys them.
Laurence Kanza’s stylish ethnic cushions will illuminate your home and give a chic and ethnic feel to your home. Made of African fabric, these decorative cushions remind you of the beauty of Congo’s natural beauty, from traditional crafts to the buzz of street life from day to day.
The first collection of La Petite Congolaise is titled “The Awakening” includes three groups of colors: Earth Tones, Vibrant Brights and The Alternatives.

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