Side braid wedding hairstyles for black women

coiffure mariage - tresse longue sur le coté femmme noire et métisse

Side braid wedding hairstyles for black women

The braid has become a trendy hairstyle. The long braid on the side is a nice hairstyle to look at, as it falls nicely on the shoulder. It gives a romantic and very glamorous side to your outfit. Like the chignons, the braid has seduced many people. Our favorite stars love to wear this kind of hairstyle during large ceremonies.
In addition, the long braid on the side is a nice hairstyle to choose for her wedding, you can personalize it by adding flowers to adorn your hair.
Advantage of this hairstyle
_Another touch of glamor, because it releases well the neck.
_All types of hair can wear this hairstyle.
_Ideal for those with long hair, but for those with short hair, one can call for extensions.
How to make a braid on the side? Tutorial

  • 1) Comb your hair carefully.
  • 2) Then separate your hair. Place on one side only, you have to make a stripe to the left or right of your head, in order that the braid does not fall to the back of your head.
  • 3) Gather your hair on the side opposite the stripe. For example, if you have the stripe to the right of your head, your hair will be gathered to the left.
  • 4) In one hand, grab your hair and make 3 sections of the same size. Begin to natter your hair until you reach the length you want.
  • 5) You have finished your braid. Tie it with an elastic. Arrange well the wicks that protrude.

To bring a touch of softness to your face, you can release a few strands of hair.
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tresse longue sur coté mariage femme noire et métisse

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