Sexy Black Men Wearing Glasses


Sexy Black Men Wearing Glasses

The glasses have become a real fashion accessory in our society. When one imagines a man with glasses, one thinks of an intelligent and mysterious man. We opt for the right color and the right model of glasses, we can quickly transform our glasses into a real asset of seduction.
If you have problems with eyesight and you are required to wear glasses. Rest assured, because as you see below a good pair of glasses well chosen can with a nothing valorize your person.
However, you must respect 3 points to look sexy and comfortable with glasses:
1 / Choose a glasses model that perfectly matches your face.
2 / Fit the chosen hairstyle to your style of eyewear.
3 / Give a little blow of peps with an original color.
Tyson Beckford
<> at SLS Hotel on July 18, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California.
Jesse Williams


Mos Def
Closeup portrait young disturbed distressed computer geek with big black glasses bow tie and blue shirt hand on cheek worried about something.

Idriss Elba

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