Red Hairstyles for Black Women | Red Hair Colors

Red Hairstyles for Black Women | Red Hair Colors

 Glamor, passion, love, red is an energetic and flashy color, which goes well with black and mixed skins. If you want to change your look and give a shot of peps to your hair, you can opt to dye your hair in red.
Red is a color that has character and asks that you be very ambitious to dare this kind of color. Hair color in women of color expresses a form of self-expression and a beauty ritual. Many stars and celebrities have succumbed to red hair. The singer Rihanna is beautifully wearing red hair. Short, long or curly, red hair turns it into an incendiary bomb that no man can resist.

Before changing hair color, it is best to think carefully before acting. Do not forget that there are different shades of red. For example, you can opt for a cherry red, bright red, burgundy, cinnamon, burgundy, mahogany, auburn shade or red reflections. You must choose the type of red according to your character and complexion.
The advantage when you have frizzy hair is that you can either opt for a coloring, weaving, braids or wig. It’s up to you to choose the ones that best suit you.

Tips for Successful Hair Coloring

If you choose to color your hair in red. You must take care of your hair to properly maintain the red color.

  • 1 / Wash your hair as often as possible with lukewarm water.
  • 2 / Avoid hard shampoos as they accelerate the process of discoloration.
  • 3 / It should also be remembered that the majority of blacks or mestizos have black or brown hair. This type of hair requires professional treatment when you want to achieve a coloring.
  • 4 / Use processing oils to prevent long-term damage due to heat, processing and coloring.
  • 5 / Attention, coloring your hair can cause serious consequences to your hair. They can be the cause of dryness, breakage and hair loss if you use chemical dyes. To avoid such problems, you can choose weaves, hook braids or wigs that are produced in all kinds of colors of your taste.

Red hair has several advantages:

  • Simple, red hair does not require length or type of hair.
  • They give character and a trendy look to your style.
  • It is a color that attracts attention. So be careful to choose the color of red, which corresponds to you.
  • Also know that less than 2% of the population are naturally redheaded.

Different types of hair color for coloring

You can choose between different types of colors:

  • 1 / Colors after rinsing: soft and easy to use. They bring shine. However, it must be reapplied every few weeks.
  • 2 / Temporary colors: they do not last until the next shampoo. They are free of chemicals and safe for straightened hair.
  • 3 / Semi-permanent colors: they last longer than rinsing and temporary colors.
  • 4 / Semi-permanent colors: they contain a small amount of peroxide. They can enhance natural color and camouflage gray hair.
  • 5 / Fixed colors: they have ammonia and peroxide. They last longer, but fade when the hair grows. Touch up every 4 to 6 weeks to cover the roots. For afro hair, it is essential to see a professional.

Some brands of coloring for black hair are:
Dark and Lovely : The brand manufactures a range of color suitable for African American hair. It also has conditioning treatments and other products that can help keep hair healthy after staining.
Mizani : Mizani brand develops products specifically for black women.
Cream of Nature : It is a brand that manufactures all natural hair products for black men and women.

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