Purple Lipsticks for Black Women



Pink Lipsticks for Black Women

We are continuing our research on new lipstick trends. We are now headed for “purple” lipstick. It is an original style for audacious women. Spotted on catwalks and fashion shows, violet lipstick has conquered many people. The singer Rihanna is simply beautiful with purple lipstick. The purple color symbolizes envy, sensuality, creativity and mystery.
At first, purple can scare. But, the advantage is that purple is suitable for all skin types. Indeed, it harmonizes well with the black and mixed skin.

6 reasons to wear purple lipstick ?

  • Purple is suitable for all skin tones.
  • Tones clear or darker, the women are sublime in purple.
  • For darker skin, violet harmonizes perfectly with your face.
  • Day and night, this color can be used at any time and will be a real success.
  • Putting puple on your face allows you to give a little mystery and sensuality to your look or your mouth.

How to find her ideal purple lipstick? 

  • Choose the right shade of purple.

First point, there is a wide selection of purple shades. That is to say, you have the choice between lavender, mauve, purple, burgundy or purple tones. You just have to choose the right shade of purple that will harmonize perfectly with your face.
How to check?

  • Tip 1: When you try your lipstick. Bring with you your mirror to check that the color is fine. Try as many lipsticks as possible to find the color that will illuminate your face. Yes, you have to “avoid”, to choose a color that does not suit you.
  • Tip 2: When you are in a store, you can also slide the stick on your finger or at the back of the hand, to see if the color is good. 
  • Carefully treat the mouth before applying the lipstick.

Soaked with warm water, your mouth will soften the small dead skin on your lips. Then wipe them with cotton. Apply a nourishing balm to protect your lips.

  • Choose your lip pencil carefully. 

It is very important to choose a lip pencil, which will marvelously marinate with your lipstick. Then, redraw the contours of your lips with a purple lip liner or a close shade.

  • Choose a light eye makeup!

 Do not overload your eyes! The goal is to draw your eyes to your mouth.

  • Do not use lipstick as a blush!

If you still want to do it. Dab a few dots on the cheeks and mix.

  • Coordinate your look with your makeup!

Alexander explains: “An ultimate touch of elegance that attracts eyes to a luscious mouth, but when the man descends his eyes, the woman as a whole needs elegance, otherwise it can turn to the vulgar. “








What do you think about purple lipstick? Do you like it?


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