Prom night: 15 amazing couples in African Print Prom clothes

Prom night: 15 amazing couples in African Print Prom clothes.

In the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, prom night is an important step in the lives of young teens. Called Prom or prom night, this end-of-year celebration symbolizes the end of high school, but the beginning of a new stage in life.
Men dress elegantly wearing a chic suit with a tie or bow tie. And the girls wear beautiful long prom dresses. They must also take care of their hair and their makeup.
The positive trend is that many black teenagers bring a touch of originality by highlighting their African roots. Kente, dashiki, wax, bogolan, the African fabrics sublime our young students. The pretty ladies are transformed into real African princesses with prom dresses of African inspiration.
For example, one can talk the case of the fantastic Kyemah McEntyre, 18, of East Orange, New Jersey. Despite the criticism of some people, she decided to wear a wonderful African print gown. She caused a sensation that night after posting the photo above on her Instagram page. Many blogs have written about her African-inspired prom dress she has made herself. African-American actress and singer Naturi Naughton loved her dress so much that she ordered a dress for her. She wore this dress on the red carpet at the 2015 BET Awards

Thanks to these African roots, Kyemah McEntyre has a very bright future in designer fashion. Hence the quote from our website:

feed on your roots and take control of your future. “

It is also necessary to specify that one can go to prom night in couple. But the boy must invite the girl of his choice a few weeks before the prom. You can also go to the prom in a group. During this evening, the students will elect the king and queen of the evening. They are called Prom queen and Prom king.
In recent years, African fashion and fabric have become very popular. Many celebrities and blacks from around the world proudly wear the elegance and beauty of their ancestors’ clothes.

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