Planning Your Dream Wedding: 15 steps to make

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Planning Your Dream Wedding: 15 steps to make

The love of your life has finally brought you to marriage. The countdown is on and you are completely excited. The best day of your life is coming. But, time is running high and stress begins to settle in your head. How to plan my wedding? How to organize to have a successful marriage? What are the different steps to take?

  • 1/ Find and book a reception room.

First, you can start making a list of reception rooms. The goal is to find a good wedding venue and to book it quickly, because deadlines are an unavoidable constraint. Thus, the date of your wedding will be determined by the choice of the place of reception and its availability. Many choices are available to you: party room decorated for the occasion, family house, hotel room, castle, church, in an island or by the sea. As soon as you have found a place of love, reserved as soon as possible. Remember that you could pay a small deposit, to reserve the place. But as soon as it’s done, tranquility will settle in your mind.
Second, it is time to worry about the administrative formalities with the mayor and possibly with his place of worship (if you want a religious office) or a specialized agency (for a secular office).
Appointment at the town hall to ensure the availability of the mayor. During this meeting, you will need to provide a marriage record and prepare your marriage contract having been aware in advance of the various existing matrimonial regimes.
For the passage in town hall, it is necessary to prepare the necessary papers (proof of residence, birth certificate, etc.) to give them in time for the publication of the banns (10 days before the minimum ceremony). Marriage contract or not? It is time to learn about existing matrimonial regimes, especially on the public-services site. If so, it is necessary to schedule an appointment with the notary.
It is also better to play caution by taking out cancellation insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances, but also for the room.

  • 2/ The guest list

The second step is to draw up a list of guests. Begin as soon as possible to write down the names of the people you want to invite. Initially, it is not a definitive list. You are free to modify it at any time before sending the invitation cards. Our advice is to have an A list and a B list. But, above all, only invite people you really want to see at your wedding. Think carefully about who will be your witness (1 to 2 people per husband), boy and bridesmaids. As soon as the list is drawn up, you will have an idea of the number of guests and the budget to plan.
It will then create the announcements: design of models, printing at a professional or home-made, recovery of addresses, postage.

  • 3/ Prepare the religious ceremony.

In the first place, you have to choose the officiant (priest, imam, rabbi …) and contact him to make an appointment. Remember to give a little something in the envelope to the officiant even if the religious ceremony is not priced.

  • 4/ Choice of the photographer / cameraman.

For your wedding, select a photographer or professional cameraman to immortalize the most beautiful day of your life. Do, ride and get quotes for different packages. Photographers can be very expensive. It is necessary to count between minimum 300 € to 1 200 € the service for the Day J.

  • 5/ Use a wedding planner to save time. (not mandatory)

If you are a little lost, call wedding planner to help you set up your wedding. Saving time, efficiency and speed are the qualities of a good wedding planner. He will help you in all the steps of your marriage.

  • 6/ Choose the theme and decor of your reception venue.

First, choose a theme for your wedding. Think about the choice of colors and the positioning of the guests. If you are planning your marriage alone, ask for help from family members or friends. They will help you choose who will be at the center of the table or for place-holders and envelope trash. Think of the decoration of the church and the reception room.

  • 7/ Flowers

When choosing flowers for your wedding, you must keep in mind that flowers are not suitable for all seasons. Make sure you choose flowers that are in season. Contact the florist to define the floral decoration of the reception room, the church, the car, but also the bouquet of the bride.

  • 8/ Select the caterer.

Choose a theme for your wedding meal. Do not hesitate to contact caterers or cooks at home to prepare the meal of your wedding (menu and drink). At home, write an example menu that you will present to the caterers. You will refine the details together. For wine and champagne, know that they are often not included in the quote and are increased in the bill. Also set the wedding cake and also book tables, chairs, dishes or any other equipment for rent.

  • 9/ Choice of the music and the animators of the event.

This is one thing that can make or break a good wedding reception. So, to liven up your evening, use a DJ, band or other to set the mood.
The advantage of Dj is that it has a great selection of music for all ages and they can also act as an MC if you need it. A budget option is to opt for a jukebox.
Also provide other accessories such as a projector screen or a computer for the animation of the evening.

  • 10/ The speeches

One way to really wear your wedding party is to bog down with hours of speech. Have a short speech of about an hour in the night. Do them early, before everyone is drunk dead.

  • 11/ The dress and groom suits.

Take the time to choose the dress and groom suit. You can buy either clothes already made. Or call on a creator for tailor-made. Choose outfits that embellish and enhance you. Throughout the day, many alterations are often necessary for your clothes to be perfect. Do, fittings in advance not to be disappointed.
The accessories and shoes are chosen at the same time. They must all be reviewed: jewelry, veil, bow tie, but also packets of dragees and other small memories of the wedding.
Do not forget the clothes of the children of the procession and the boys and bridesmaids. We must not forget the other materials for the bride: small bag / first aid kit for makeup retouching, handkerchiefs …), stole in case of cold, white umbrella in case of rain … and what is necessary during the ceremony (small baskets decorated for the quest for example) or at the exit of the church: rice, soap bubbles, rattles, dragees, gifts of your guests, fireworks.
Before the day, the bride must make an appointment for its beauty. Makeup, hairstyle, adornment, nothing must be neglected.

  • 12/ Choosing wedding rings

It is also time to choose his wedding rings, before passing the ring fing

  • 13/ Guest accommodation.

t is time to take care of the accommodation and the transport of those who come from far away: to lodge in the family, in the hotel, in lodging, in camping …

  • 14/ The output + car rental.
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Make sure you have someone or a rental car to take you to the ceremony venue, church or reception hall. Also book a car or other means of transportation to take you to your wedding night for your first night as a married couple.

  • 15/ Honeymoon

It is then time to think about the honeymoon. Choose the country where you want to go with your future husband. Book the best honeymoon considering the location (ideally heavenly), hotel, passports and vaccinations.
.Set a final budget for your wedding.

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