Pink Lipsticks for Black Women

rouge à lèvres rose - femme noire et métisse pink lipstick

Pink Lipsticks for Black Women

Black women are still hesitant when choosing between a bright lipstick or another much more discreet. The lipstick pink, as for the red still suffers from many prejudices of society. Some people think that when you have dark skin, you should avoid lipsticks too obvious and prefer discreet colors not to attract too much attention.
.But fortunately, this archaic way of thinking tends to disappear. One can very well be a black and mestizo woman and be simply sublime with a pink or red lipstick. However, it is necessary to take the time to choose the color of pink, which will put us the most in value and avoid that we look like clowns.

Why wear pink lipstick?

Pink is a very feminine color. It is a sensual color, which sublimates and embellishes women. It is a color that attracts the eye and makes you beautiful and desirable. This is the perfect color, to make you notice your prince charming. But, it is necessary to respect certain essential rule not to resemble a clown. It is very important to choose the right color of “pink”, which adapts to your skin tone, the color of your hair and the size of your lips.

With the arrival of summer, we want to go for more colorful makeup. So why not, change our habits and wear pink lipstick.

But how to do it ? What are the steps to go to find your ideal lipstick?

  • 1 / Choose the right shade of “pink”
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The first thing to know is that there are many shades of pink. When you try your lipstick, you have to agree to do several tests before you find your ideal shade.
As a rule, darker skin tones have a better look with a brighter shade of pink, and clear skins get better with a more subtle and nuanced pink. The rule is to find a shade that enhances your natural color.
Moreover, do not let yourself be intimidated by the different lipstick textures (matt, varnish, creamy stems, transparent, etc.)
How to check?
Tip 1: When you try your lipstick. Bring with you your mirror to check that the color is fine. Try as much as possible, in front of the mirror, to find the color that will illuminate your face.
When you are in a store, you can also slide the stick on your finger or back of the hand, to see if the color is good.

  • 2 / Select your lip pencil carefully.

It is very important to choose a lip pencil, which will marvelously marinate with your lipstick.

  • 3 / Apply a light eye makeup!

Do not overload your eyes! The goal is to draw your eyes to your mouth.

  • 4 / What is the perfect method for applying lipstick?

In my opinion, no rule is necessary to apply lipstick. Some women use their fingers or special brushes. Others are more adept at the tubes. The choice depends on everyone. The bottom line is that your lipstick is well set and sublime your face.

  • Moisten your lips with a balm, before applying the lipstick. This helps to make your lips softer.
  • Draw the outline of the lips with a pencil.
  • You can choose either a pencil color from your lipstick or a brown pencil or darker, which fits your skin.
  • On the other hand if you have wounded or very dry lips, call our famous shea butter.
  • Attention: If your upper and lower lips do not have exactly the same shade, you can use a corrective pencil, the color of which is as close as possible to that of the skin, on the lighter lip. Secondly, you can also, put a touch of foundation and a transparent powder veil before laying the lipstick.
  • You can put powder or apply a gloss for a brighter effect.
  • Lay your lipstick from the inside of the lip to the outside.










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