Nude Lipsticks for Black Women | Beautiful Brown Lipsticks

Nude Lipsticks for Black Women | Beautiful Brown Lipsticks

Symbol of the 90s, brown lipsticks is back in fashion. The color brown is a color, which symbolizes nature, softness and insurance.
Brown tones are in perfect harmony with the black and mixed skins. Many black celebrities have all succumbed to the brown lipstick that sublimate them perfectly.
4 reasons to wear nude lipstick.

  • Brown is an easy-to-wear color for black and mestizo skins. It blends perfectly with our complexion.
  • It is a color both nude and dark, which will give you a glamorous and natural look. Yes, when we have dark skin our “nude” is brown.
  • Day and night, this color can be used at any time and will be a real success.
  • According to the Maulawizada morning makeup artist, brown is a universally flattering color that everyone can shoot, once you find the right shade.

But how to do it ? What are the steps to go to find her ideal brown lipstick?
Choose the right shade of brown.
You should know that there is a wide choice of brown shade. You just have to choose the right shade of brown that will illuminate your face.
Black or mixed women can use brown hues with violet pigments.
For matt skins, choose a shade of brown in light golden shade or beige pink, to illuminate your complexion.
How to check?
Tip 1: When you try your lipstick. Bring with you your mirror to check that the color is fine. Try as many lipsticks as possible to find the color that will illuminate your face. Yes, you have to “avoid”, to choose a color that does not suit you.
Tip 2: When you are in a store, you can also slide the stick on your finger or at the back of the hand, to see if the color is good. 
Buy your lip pencil carefully.
It is very important to choose a lip pencil, which will marvelously marinate with your lipstick. Use a lip pencil to help keep the lip out of the lip.
Choose a light eye makeup!
Do not overload your eyes! The goal is to draw your eyes to your mouth.

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