Nail Art: 4 manicure ideas for sensational nails

Nail Art: 4 manicure ideas for sensational nails

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Beautiful with her nails!  Nail Art is a real revolution for women who want to stay at the forefront of fashion. Nice original nails have become trendy accessories for all fashionistas. Long reserved for r’n’b singers like Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, the nail to be imposed with class and restores a chic and elegant side to all the women who wear it. surfs the trend and offers you Nail Art: 4 manicure ideas for sensational nails!
Art of decorating the nails “Nail Art” makes sensation. Women want to be beautiful to the tips of their nails. The beauty of the hands has become a real phenomenon. Nail Art works equally well for natural nails and false nails. But what are the manicure ideas to try to have nails trends?

1. Caviar Manicure

manucure-caviar-par-ciate  photo credit : ciatéCaviar-Nails
 Jessica-Biel_caviar manucure  Caviar-Manicure

2. Half moon manicure

 half moon nail - demi lune 2  nail-art-deco-ongles-demie-lune-paillettes

3. Galaxy / Cosmic Galaxy Nails

perrie-edwards-nails-galaxy-300x300 Galaxy_Nails
 Galaxy nails (1)  Galaxy nails (3)

4. Tribal Print Nails

 Aluad-Deng-Anei-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-July-2013-By-Ross-Garrett-10 tribal_nails
 Aluad-Deng-Anei-Marie-Claire-South-Africa-July-2013-By-Ross-Garrett-10   aluad-matthew-lyn4-tribal nail

What is your favorite nail art?

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