Mohawk hairstyles for black men

Coiffures footballeurs noirs mohawk -crete iroquoise

Mohawk hairstyles for black men

Mohawk hairstyle is a timeless haircut that has survived the past.
The name “Mohawk” refers to the headdresses of Indian warriors, who in battles wore this kind of hairstyle to impress their enemies. Then, the punk movement revived this cup around the 70s.

What is mohawk hairstyle?

  • This hairstyle consists of having both sides of the scalp shaved.
  • It’s a haircut, which is generally suitable for men. But, some women wear this kind of hairstyle with class.
  • This is a simple, practical hairstyle that is personalized in its own way. Some prefer to draw patterns on the side, shave everything, draw a line, etc.
  • Before making this hairstyle, it is necessary to adapt the size of the crest according to the shape of its face.
  • Ideal for men with a well-tempered character!

It’s a hairstyle that we find much in sportsmen, singers, and many celebrities. 

Mario Balotelli - coiffure_crête iroquoise
Mario Balotelli
Usher Mohawk hair

black men - short mohawk hair
Neymar mohawk hairstyle
Coiffure hommes noirs -crête
Paul Pogba -crête iroquoise -coiffure
Paul Pogba
Mohawk hairstyle with locks
Chris Brown - roscoedash -mohawk hairstyle
Chris Brown & Roscoe dash 
Puff Daddy -crête iroquoise -mohawk
Tyson Beckford & Puff Daddy

Crete iroquoise -mohawk - hommes noirs

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