Men’s Dashiki : 8 stylish ways to wear a Dashiki t-shirt

Men’s Dashiki : 8 stylish ways to wear a Dashiki t-shirt

Colourful and bright, the Dashiki t-shirt is a trendy outfit to have in your wardrobe. With its geometric, tribal patterns, this garment is in vogue in the spring-summer season, but can also be worn in autumn-winter.

What is Dashiki?

Dashiki is a loose ethnic outfit worn by men and women in West Africa. It comes from the Yoruba word Danshiki’ and is very popular in the black community.

10 advantages of wearing this t-shirt

  1. Colourful chic and casual clothing with geometric and tribal patterns.
  2. It is a t-shirt suitable for all morphologies.
  3. Ample, it is useful to feel comfortable in your clothes.
  4. It is a traditional loose-fitting garment worn by men and women in Africa.
  5. It has become a symbol of pride of the black community.
  6. Internationalized, regardless of country or culture, many people wear this unique t-shirt.
  7. It is worn on all occasions in life. In the city, in the evening, at a wedding, a party or a baptism.
  8. It can be worn during the day or at night.
  9. Depending on how you wear it, it can be cool and casual or chic and elegant. It all depends on what other clothes and shoes you wear with it.
  10. It is a must in ethnic and African fashion. And many celebrities have succumbed to the Dashiki trend.


Where to buy Dashiki?

You can buy and order Dashikis in online shop. offers you some ideas to put creativity in your look. This t-shirt is sensational. It can be worn in a thousand and one ways.

  • Trendy and casual with a Dashiki T-shirt.

  • For a cool look, you can opt for a short-sleeved hooded Dashiki t-shirt.

  • When the temperatures are warmer, don’t hesitate to wear your Dashiki T-shirt with shorts.

  • Classy and stylish with a long-sleeved Dashiki t-shirt.

  • Dashiki T-shirts fit all types of trousers. They are practical outfits that can be worn for all types of occasions (in town, in the evening or at a special event).

  • For a casual look, you can accessorise your Dashiki with caps, hats or berets.

  • During the fall-winter season, it is possible to continue wearing Dashiki t-shirts with a jacket or jumper.

  • City shoes, trainers, boots, moccasins, you can choose any type of shoes to wear with Dashiki. 


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