Makeup & Gele: 12 gorgeous black women wearing gele headscarf | African Beauty
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12 gorgeous black women wearing “gele” headscarf 

Makeup & Gele: 12 gorgeous black women wearing “gele” headscarf | African Beauty

Wearing the “Gele” is an art. You have to know how to tie it well and there is a thousand and one ways to personalize it. But, makeup is as essential as the frost you are going to wear. Play with colors, make nuances, sublimate your lips to bring a touch of originality to your outfit.
Little reminder, “Gele” originates from the Yoruba people in Nigeria. So he comes from West Africa. It is a very long African scarf that African women wear as an ornament on their heads.
The colors, the fabric (aso eko, sego, headtie or others) make dream and sublime marvelously the beauty of the woman who sports it. Gele enables him to identify the social status of a person through the way he is tied.
During traditional wedding, women prepare themselves by following different stages.

  • They like to dress in traditional dress (with a dress in loincloth or boubou)
  • Then they adorn their hair with a magnificent gele.
  • Married women sublimate their necks of beautiful African pearl necklaces.
  • Essential, they work with minution their makeup. And, yes make-up must be exceptional (ask a professional for your make-up).
  • It is your day, and you must be the most beautiful to go, you marry. Your husband must fall backwards in front of your beauty.

Gele headscarf has become so popular that it has become internationalized. Gele is also worn for single women in everyday life in Africa, but it is an institution for married women. I’ll let you enjoy the make-up and the beautiful women who wear the gele.


Jackie Aina

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