Kribi, Limbe, Mouanko: sun, beach holiday in Cameroon

Village de pêcheurs - Cameroun
Kribi and Limbe are the two most popular seaside resorts of Cameroon. With beautiful beaches, a mesmerizing exotic landscape and a warm sun, Cameroon has conquered the heart of many tourists. Added to these, the beaches of Mouanko, wilder course, but still very attractive for their tranquility.

Kribi, Limbe, Mouanko: sun, beach holiday in Cameroon

1. Kribi

Kribi et ses plages Cameroun

Known as the “Cameroon Riviera» Kribi is a tourist town in the southern region which attracts tourists from around the world. With its large white sandy beaches and palm trees, its proximity to the equatorial forest, Kribi is a paradise that allows us to discover the Lobe Falls, beautiful waterfalls 30 m high, the fishing villages of Eboundja and Ebodje. But also, it is possible to experience the culture and lifestyle of the first inhabitants of South drills by visiting the encampments of Pygmies.

Les chutes de Lobe - Cameroun
Lobe falls
la foret tropicale camerounaise - Cameroun Pygmées Baka - Sud est Cameroun
tropical forest Pygmies

What are the different activities going on Kribi?

  • Swimming and sunbathing on the beach
  • Leisurely walk or canoe sea
  • Camping: Camping is allowed and free of Kribi. It is the most economical way.
  • Fishing: In Kribi, fishing is permitted to everyone.
  • Hiking in the rain forest.

2. Limbe

Limbe black sand et ses plages Cameroun

Nicknamed “Deauville of Cameroon”, Limbe is the second seaside resort. Limbe is located in the southwestern region, the most popular of Cameroon. With its black sand beaches, at the foot of the highest mountain in Cameroon which is Mount Cameroon with 4100 meters above sea level, close to the capital of Douala, Limbe is a real work of peace at the heart of all volcanic.

Limbe - Cameroun
Limbe by night
Jardin botanique Limbe - Cameroun
Botanical Garden
Mont Cameroun
Mount Cameroon
Zoo Limbe -Cameroun
Limbe zoo

  What are the different activities going on Limbe?

  • Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
  • Walk by the sea or in dugout.
  • Walking and water sports ride.
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens and the Limbe Zoo.

3. MouankoMouanko et ses plages Cameroun

In search of more tranquility, you can go on the wild beach Mouanko. The beaches of Mouanko will delight all lovers of the beach. It is very unusual to see tourists there. With its beautiful yellow beaches, enjoy in peace the sea and sun.

au bord de la Sanaga, mouanko
Mouanko (along the Sanaga) Cameroon
Sanaga Mouanko
Mouanko (Cameroon)
Sanaga Mouanko
Mouanko (Cameroon)

 What are the different activities going on Mouanko?

  • Swimming and sunbathing on the beach.
  • Ballade en bord de mer
  • Visit Monkey Island.
  • Discovering birds of the Sanaga.

Do you know these beautiful beaches in Cameroon? Feel free to share with us your memories of holidays in Cameroon!


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