How to wear a Dashiki in fall-winter?

How to wear a Dashiki in fall-winter?

The vacations are over. And the temperatures are getting colder and colder. You have a lot of Dashiki in your dressing room. But you don’t know what to do with them? Are you looking for ideas to wear this stylish garment in fall-winter like your other usual clothes? is there for you. We will give you ideas to wear your Dashiki during the fall-winter season.

First of all, this traditional ethnic garment can be worn during the spring-summer season, but it can also be worn during the fall-winter season. In the evening, in the city, the Dashiki is worn in everyday life.

What to wear this colorful garment with?

1/choose a semi-thick or thick long-sleeved garment.

You can choose to :

  • A shirt
  • A long sleeved Dashiki t-shirt
  • A thick turtleneck sweater
  • A thick wool sweater.
  • A jacket or blazer.

2/Then, wear the dashiki over your shirt, sweater.

Be creative and original, there are a thousand and one ways to wear your dashiki in autumn-winter. The goal is to get a stylish look and keep you warm when the temperatures drop.

4 ways to wear a Dashiki in fall-winter.

Long Sleeve Dashiki T-shirts

Dashiki T-shirts with shirt or sweater underneath

Dashiki T-shirts with a jacket over it

Thick Dashiki sweater


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