How to wake up looking fresh and energized

How to wake up looking fresh and energized

Entangled hair, crumpled and tired face, energyless eyes – quite a familiar morning look for the majority of us despite having a night of sufficient sleep. How to wake up your beauty the moment you get up? Here are some tips to follow.

1.   Follow a sleeping schedule

First and foremost – get enough sleep. An adult should sleep at least seven hours every night to let the body tissues and organs recover from the whole ‘working day’ and get ready for the next one. When we sleep less, the fatigue keeps accumulating, turning us into a person with a constantly tired look and dark circles under our eyes – not a pleasant picture. If you learn to go to bed at the same time, you will wake up looking fresh, full of energy, and a desire to conquer the world.


2.   Change your sleeping position

Oftentimes, our morning reflection in the mirror can be called a pillow-look, because we sleep face down and on our stomachs. Even if it is the most comfortable position, it’s high time you changed it. Our heads weigh approximately five kilos, thus, during 7-hour sleep, our facial skin has to withstand it. Moreover, a pillow-wrinkled face can take a few hours to recover, leaving you with chaotic imprints on your face even while at work.

3.   Replace the pillows

Pillows are often taken as a part of the design and a color-fitting accessory. However, they are more functional than that making a fundamental part of our wellness and a morning look. Pillowcases should be smooth and soft, to let you glide on the surface. Satin and silk have fewer creases and frictions, thus, your face will not have the awful imprints in the morning.

It is also important to wash the pillow every once in a while, to get rid of the sweat drops and germs.


4.   Remember about moisturizing

No moisture – no beauty. Though sounding too dramatic, it’s the truth of life. When sleeping, our body loses water, a minimum of 250 ml, and our face is first to show it. If our skin fails to retain moisture, it looks flaky and scaly in the morning. Luckily, the cosmetic industry took care of it, offering you numerous moisturizing lotions to be applied on the face and neck before going to bed.

It will also be a good idea to buy a whole-body lotion, which will make your morning sensations much better, and help to avoid a feeling of stretching skin.

5.   Wash away the makeup

Let’s admit it, we often go to sleep with makeup on just because we are tired or simply forget about it. As a result, all the powders, oils, mascara leftovers, and sweat will stay on the face till the morning, not letting our skin breathe for seven or eight hours. Even if you use the cleansers early in the morning, the skin will not have time to recover, as you will need to apply another layer of fresh makeup.

The moment when you get back home, dedicate five minutes to washing away everything from your face and let it breathe and rest. 

6.   Stay hydrated

The dryness of your face and skin overall may be caused by imbalanced water consumption, especially during the hot weather. Besides, when your body is dehydrated, you will always feel hunger and exhaustion. An average adult, according to medical research, needs 35 ml of water per one kilo of weight. This amount will rehydrate your body, and the morning look of your skin will get closer to perfection.

7.   Avoid sleep distractions

After a long and tiring day, when our head finally touches the pillow, we take the phone and start catching up on all the daily news and events, which is a terrible mistake. All the posts, blogs, and reports are full of information that makes us think, leaving no place for sleep, and reducing the length of our rest. As a result, all the thoughts will become visible on our faces. Instead, put away all the distractions, listen to calm music, read a pleasant book, or have a pillow talk with a partner – don’t let anything disturb your world. When you go to sleep with good and non-disturbing thoughts, you will have a sound sleep and enough time for recovery.

8.   Avoid pre-sleep dinners

Although everything is very individual, it is recommended to avoid a big meal before going to bed. Food is a source of energy. After grabbing a bite, or two, or more, you will be signaling your brain that you are ready for activities. Instead, you will go to bed, trying to fall asleep. As a result, you will have a sleepless night and a bloated face in the morning. If you feel desperately hungry, drink a cup of yogurt, or water, and wait till the morning with something more filling.


Our morning look is an essential part of our daily performance. When you rise and shine and like your reflection in the mirror, everything around will seem more positive as well. Take care of your sleep routine, keep hydrated during the day, invest in some good moisturizers, and let your days be full of energy!


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