How to tie Nigerian Gele: Bridal style

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How to tie Nigerian Gele?

How to tie Nigerian Gele: Bridal style

The day of your wedding approach, you want to wear the African scarf or frozen in Nigerian sauce. But, you do not know how to do it. You have come across the right article and we will help you with pleasure.
First of all, the word Gele originates from the Yoruba people in Nigeria. So he comes from West Africa. It is a very long African scarf that African women wear as an ornament on their heads.
The colors, the fabric (aso, sego, headtie or others) make dream and sublime marvelously the beauty of the woman who sports it. Gele enables him to identify the social status of a person through the way he is tied.

During traditional marriages, women prepare themselves by following different stages.

  • They like to dress in traditional dress 
  • Then they adorn their hair with a magnificent frost.
  • Married women sublimate their necks of beautiful African pearl necklaces
  • Essential, they work with minution their makeup. And, yes make-up must be exceptional (ask a professional for your make-up).
  • It is your day, and you must be the most beautiful to go, you marry. Your husband must fall backwards in front of your beauty.

Gele has become so popular, that it has become internationalized. Indeed, many African women from all the countries of Africa choose to marry a frost or a magnificent African headscarf on their heads. Ah la la, the tradition of ancestors, we adore.

But be careful, the tip of the frozen side shows whether the woman is married or single. It is a real practical tool for men, because they had only to look carefully at the point of the headscarf to know the love situation and the status of the woman, so covetous.
_If the scarf points to the right side, it means that the woman is married.
_If the scarf points to the left side, it means that the woman is single.
In Africa, this type of scarf is also worn in everyday life and at special events.

Step by Step Tutorial

Our goal is this (picture below). Do not forget to tie your hair well before starting, well back if possible. Do not attach the gel with a fringe or with the hair in the front.
photo credit :  mysikina 
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  • 1)  Take possession of your material at each end. If your Gele is too long, you can fold it into 2 halves. Make, a 2 cm crease on Gele lengthwise. It must be smooth. Make sure that one end of gele is a bit longer than the other. Why ? Because the longest strap will turn around the head.

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  • 2) Put it on the forehead and above both ears. Put gele on the head making sure it is firm and flat in front. Tighten well behind so that it does not fall off.
  • 3) Then, take the long side of gele, for example and wrap your head by making a full turn up to the level of the neck. Hold and secure with your hands. Pass the shortest strap inside the scarf. At this point, you will have one side of gele shorter than the other. This must form an arc. Arrange in the middle with your hands.

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  • 4) At this point you can decide either to tie by making a knot before making pleats or secondly to make pleats before attaching it. The choice is yours. Make sure your pleat are really flat and you can do as much as you want (3 or 4 to more).

In this case: it makes pleats before attaching. Work nice folds very flat, because the beauty of the frost is seen through it. Arrange well pleats in front of the face and pull back well.
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  • 5) Then fasten both ends of the protruding ends tightly. You grab one end and then the other and you make a knot. (Twice if necessary)

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  • 6) In the mirror, arrange yourself! Treat your work to make pleats as clean as possible and the frost should form a bow. Use pliers or pins if necessary. And we’re done!

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