How to tie a headscarf? Bow tie headwrap

How to tie a headscarf? Bow tie headwrap 

Headscarf /turban is a great accessory to stylize its hairstyle. A true fashion accessory, the scarf has revealed the beauty of women. Blue, green, yellow, red, scarves are gorgeous and tie a thousand and one ways around your hair, sizes or around the neck.
Today, we will see how to tie a scarf style “bow tie”, in French with a bow tie at the front of the head. It is a very pin up and original look.

Tutorial in pictures: style bow tie (bow tie).

Only thing you need is a long scarf or a turban of approximately 72 “x19”. 

Instructions :

  • Step 1: Start putting the scarf around your hair. Place the headwrap at the neck by covering your ears.
  • Step 2: Bring the ends forward and tie the front into a knot in the center.
  • Step 3: Tie a bow as you would with a lace, and leave the ends free in the flaps of the bow.

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