How to style my black afro hair? | Hairstyle idea Black Women

Comment coiffer mes cheveux crépus

How to style my black afro hair? | Hairstyle idea Black Women

Today, there is a major change for black women. Indeed, black woman wants to feel beautiful and wishes to take care of her natural hair. Whether it is in magazines, various websites on internet, “Nappy” movement (back to natural hair) is becoming more and more important.
Black or mixed women love their curly black hair. Good bye, weaving, Black women take care of natural hairs.And we love it!
But they are always wondering, how am I going to wear my curly hair today? What are the different afro hairstyles that I can do with my hair? If you are in this case, don’t hesitate and read this article.

1. Afro hairstyles (Short, long, with small mats in front)

Coiffure ethnique afro

2. Smooth hairstyle (long or square).Don’t straighten your hair too much, it can break!

coiffeuse-afro-antillaise défrisé

3. Afro puff ou Afro tirée



4. Bantu Knot


buntu knots


5.Bantu knot out

Bantu Knots out

Bantu Knots out 3

Bantu Knots out 2

6. Locks ou Dreadlocks


Coiffure DreadlocksCoiffure-dreadlocks

7. Bald hairstyle, Buzz cut 
Bald Style-Amber Rose

shaila BaldStyle

Coiffure Bald Style AlekWek

8. Cornrows on natural hair without extensions


Coiffure natte tréssée

Coiffure black updoCoiffure cornrows

9. Cornrows on natural hair with extensions

Coiffure afro-nattes collées

Coiffure natte collée 2tresses_nappy

10. African Braids (Short, long, medium, colorful.) Braids are very useful for growing hair. But, do not over tighten them!

Coiffure tresse longues

coiffure tresse africaineCoiffure tresses-meches

What is your favorite hairstyle?


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