How to make a Twist out to curl your hair?

How to make a Twist out to curl your hair?

  • Objective: to obtain well-defined wavy curls

Afro hair is very malleable. With various styling techniques, it is possible to give it different styles and a more voluminous and wavy texture. If you are looking for an original hairstyle to curl your hair, we advise you to make a twist out.

Very simple to make, the twist out is a styling technique that consists of making twists. That is to say braids with 2 branches (on short or long hair) that we keep a few hours or 2 to 3 days, then to undo them to get beautiful curls wavy. For this, we wrap two locks of frizzy hair together to form a vanilla.

How to make twists?

The necessary tools.

  • _ A wide-toothed comb or a brush to untangle the hair
  • _A mirror and elastics.
  • _Feeding oil based on jojoba, castor, or others.
  • _A vaporizer
  • _ Moisturizing cream or hair milk: to soften and moisturize your hair.

For example, you can use Extra Butter Uncle funkys daughter shea butter moisturizer because it will nourish the model’s frizzy hair and fix the twists / vanilla that you will do for the twist out hairstyle.

Step by step :
Generally after shampooing, on clean, wet hair. Your afro will be shorter because of capillary shrinkage due to moisture. (shrinkage in English).

  •  1 / Stretch and disentangle the hair carefully by working in sections to prepare the hair for the adapted hairstyle.
  •  2 / Moisturize the hair with castor oil, jojoba …
  •  3 / On damp hair, use a moisturizer based on shea butter for example or a product activating loops on the section. For example Coco Curls.

The goal is to limit frizz and better define twists’ ripples.
Coco Curls is a good loop activator. You can associate Coco Curls + a small amount of Hibiscus Gel with Amazing Botanicals. But, you do not need gel for a very nice result.
For best results, apply it separately on each wick.
 4 / Make twists. Proceed with locks. .
Select a wick. Spray them with a little water. Then induce it to product activator loops. For example Coco curls.
Divide a lock of hair into two strands and wrap them one over the other in the same direction. Twist one around the other and twist the wick. Also twist each strand on itself each time you turn on the other end to the ends.

  •  5 / Let your twists take shape. Once, all the vanillas made, keep them long enough for them to take the setting. One night, one day or 1 week, you see!Tip: Take strands of the same thickness to achieve a uniform result. The size of your vanilla depends on the length of your hair and the volume you want. For well defined curls and especially for short hair, make little twists. On long hair, you can make big twist for larger waves. By doing them of average size you will be able to keep them longer.
  • Keeping Tip: If you’ve made your vanilla on wet hair, keep it until your hair is completely dry. Indeed, if you undo your vanilla while your hair is not dry, your waves will not be properly defined and will not hold. Let them dry in the open air.
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  • 6/ Defeat your vanilla (this is the Twist Out). To undo your twists, put a few drops of oil on the fingers and coat the vanilla before separating the strands. These few drops of oil bring definition, and a little shine to the hair.

    Tip volume: after defeating your vanilla, gently lift your roots with your fingers by preference. But you can also use an afro comb.

    Tip: To keep your twist out longer, in the evening before going to bed, protect your hair with a satin hat or scarf. Keep your hair away from moisture and your ripples can last from 3 to 7 days.

The advantage of twists.

  • • Simple to make.
  • • Give your Afro some panache.
  • • It’s a protective hairstyle.
  • • They can serve as a transition to get twists out (curly hair when you undo vanilla).
  • • It’s a hairstyle that allows you to stretch your curly or frizzy hair.
  • • They are worn in everyday life or on special occasions.

Remember that the result varies from one person to another depending on the type and texture of the hair.

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