How to detangle natural hair without pain?

How to detangle natural hair without pain?

When one has natural hair, disentangling hair can become a real ordeal. offers some tips to detangle hair without pain.

How to do ?


  • A wide toothed comb or a spiked brush.
  • A spray containing water with a little vegetable oil (80% water and 20% oil). Or you can use a detangling balm without rinsing.
  • Clamps or elastics.


1 / Divide hair into 4 or 6 sections.

2 / Spray a section with your vaporizer, or apply your detangling balm.

3 / Start detangling from the tips to the root.

4 / Once the section is unraveled, weave it or tie it with an elastic band or pliers. Then, repeat this on the rest of your hair.

To know: before sleeping, you must always tie your hair, either by making small puffs or by making braids. This will prevent you from doing another unraveling the next morning. Also, sleep with a satin scarf (the cotton absorbs moisture and makes the hair dry.)

Additional tips and advice.

  • In shower, wash your hair in direction of the hairstyle. (from the skull to the ends)
  • Comb by detangling from bottom to top. That is, spikes to the roots.
  • Don’t untangle hair dry. Always untangle on damp hair. Moisture is best of the slippery agents natural hair.
  • Also use a detangling product: conditioner, conditioner balm, styling cream, vegetable oil.
  • Don’t sleep without having to comb or tie up your hair.
  • Don’t unravel every day with a comb. Better to comb your hair between two disentanglements, because the less hair is handled, the less they break.

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