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Half Moon Manicure | Nail Ideas

If you are looking for a glamorous, discreet and chic manicure, Half moon manicure  is made for you. Half-moon manicure is a very nice manicure, easy to make, which remains timeless despite the weather. It is a manicure, which one finds much during red carpets, fashion shows or on numerous celebrities like Rihanna, Dita Von Teese, Mya, Ciara, Jessica Biel, etc.

Origin and definition of half moon manicure

Half-moon manicure dates back to the 1930s and 1940s. It is a manicure, very glamorous, which is worn elegantly by many Hollywood stars and small screen.
As opposed to the traditional French manicure, the half-moon manicure highlights the lunula of the nail, either by putting varnish on it or leaving it transparent. Indeed, the natural demarcation of the nail “lunula” is accentuated
When you mix two colors, the half-moon is even prettier. It brings a modern, glamorous and very sophisticated touch.
Although it seems easy to achieve, it requires good precision and a lot of patience. One can play on an unlimited number of variations and customize to the maximum.
 For example, one can play with the textures, the details of the lunula (put on sequins or leave it naked). One can have fun with the shape of the half-moon. Choose between a classic oval or other shape. Patterns can be drawn. So we have a thousand and one way to customize our half-moon manicure.

A famous and timeless manicure

Many celebrities such as Rihanna, Dita Von teese, Mya, Ciara, Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad, Phillip Lim wear this kind of manicure with class.
It is a very fashionable, trendy manicure, which is found every week during the parades. The famous Dita Von Teese wears this kind of naked and red nail half-moon manicure for over twenty years. It is a real trademark for Dita Von Teese.

Ideal for wearing
On nails rounded, medium and long, the technique of the half-moon manicure seems the best.
This manicure can be worn for a special occasion. For example, to bring out your engagement ring. Where, when you feel the need to be feminine, glamorous and elegant, both.

Tutorial: How to Make a Half Moon Manicure?

You can do it either in a living room or quietly at home alone or with your girlfriends.

  • 1 varnish of the color of your choice. Red, for example, for the main color.
  • 1 transparent base coat
  • 1 second varnish of the color of your choice.
  • Carnations (paper)
  • 1 Top coat
  • 1 fine brush
  • 1 Solvent, to make up for errors


Suivre, ces 8 étapes, pour mettre en place votre demi-lune manucure.

  • 1) Prepare your nails well.
  • 2) Lay a transparent base coat on your nails. The transparent base helps protect nails from pigments. It is very useful to prevent yellowing of the nails. Then allow to dry for 1 to 2 minutes.
  • 3) Apply the first coat of varnish for the lunula. We will start by setting the color of the varnish for the lunula from below. For example, white. Only this part will appear in white.
  • 4) Dry for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 5) Glue the self-adhesive eyelets to the bottom of each nail, at the height of your choice to form the half-moon. When the varnish is dry, the carnations are removed.

  Tips: To ensure that the eyelets do not tear off your varnish, when you remove them later. Glue them and then take off the skin of your hand once to remove the excess glue, before putting them on your nail.
         Where to buy your carnations: you can buy them in bookstores.

  • 6) Cover the upper part of the nail (above the eyelet) with the second color of the varnish, eg “red”.
  • 7) Remove the grommets gently, before the varnish is completely dry. Carnations are removed from below.Plus: if the varnish has dropped, grind it using cotton swab or, better yet, a solvent pen.
  • 8) For finishing, top coat is applied when everything is dry. The thickness is uniformized and the top coat is shined. And our half-moon manicure is made.

photo credit : pinterest/montage afroculture
Half-moon manicure-AFROCULTURE


La demi-lune manucure-afroculture
Half-moon manicure -afroculture

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