Hairstyles with Fringe, Bangs for Black Women

You like fringe, but you hesitate to adopt it. What type of bangs to choose for black women?

Hairstyles with Fringe, Bangs for Black Women

What is Bangs?
Bang is a lock of hair, which is cut and is positioned on the front of your face.

Bang for black women

When one is a black or a mixed woman, one can either make a bangwith his natural hair, but it must be preferably very stiff. But, you can also go to the hairdresser, to add sublime extensions (weaves) to sublimate your physique. With this, you can accessorize your fringe with barrettes, headbands, headbands and scarves, etc.
At fashion shows or big events, many models or celebrities wear this style of hairstyle. Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Keri Hilson are sublime with bangs. Bang brings a young side to your face and it is very useful to hide the imperfections of your silhouette.

What types of bang to choose?

There are different types of fringes:

  • Right (tapered) bang. It is cannon when it is very smooth, shiny and bulging. It is an ideal fringe on oval and fine faces. It must be very straight on the forehead.
  • Fringe swept on the side
  • Asymmetrical bang. It is ideal on straight hair and short, square cuts.
  • Deformed bang called “wild
  • Short bang: it is small and covers only a third of the front. For women with round faces, it is very useful, as it lengthens and refines your face.
  • Woven bang: simple, easy, you just work in the direction you want with your fingers and a hair dryer.
  • Long bang: it falls on the eyes. It is suitable for those who have a square or oval face, because it brings softness to your features. Practice to cover the front as a whole. If you have a large forehead, it can be an effective solution to hide your imperfections.
  • Fuzzy, angled, separated, rounded, rounded, etc.

In addition, they can be of different lengths (short, medium, or long) and thicknesses.

Bang ok, but on what types of faces?
  • Oval Face: If you have an oval face, you can choose any styles of bang.
  • Long face: if you have a long face, with a large forehead and a long chin. You have to play on the length and volume. Example Naomi campbell
  • Square face: if the shape of your face is square, with a wide jaw. You must choose a bang, which will bring softness to your face.
  • Round face: you must choose a bang, which will refine and lengthen your face. Go for a short fringe. Attention, it is better to avoid the fringe, if you have a round face and marked cheekbones. Because, the fringe will accentuate your cheekbones.

What are the advantages of fringe?

  • Change your head and style at a glance, without changing your hair too much.
  • Ideal for bringing a little youthful or peps to your face, when you are tired.
  • It is classy on straight hair.
  • A nice bang, well adapted to your face, will put you in good value.
  • Large or large foreheads, faces too elongated or other physical defects, it is useful to camouflage the imperfections of your face. It can bring softness or redraw the volumes of your face.
  • For women who have a large forehead, it shortens the length of the face and harmonizes it carefully.
  • This style is well suited on fine and oblong faces.

Be careful, for some round faces, bang can bring disadvantages like highlight the cheekbones. But for others, it can accentuate a large nose or double chin. So, to have a successful bang, it must be adapted carefully by respecting the harmony and features of his face.

Nicki Minaj

jennifer-hudson-avec une frange - bang

Jennifer Hudson


Kerry Washington


Tyra Banks

kelly rowland- femme noire avec frange

Kelly Rowland

janet-jackson-avec frange

Janet Jackson

naomi campell avec frange - naomi with bangs

Naomi Campbell



Kerry Washington (natural bang)

tony braxton avec une frange

Tony Braxton (Bang on the side)

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