Green Lipstick for Black Women | Makeup


Green Lipstick for Black Women | Makeup

The new beauty trend is to wear the lipstick “green. “Green has quickly become one of the hottest hues of the year 2016. Youtubeuses or fashion bloggers try the experiment and shows us their sublime mouths of green colors.
Whether you like it or not! It must be said that one must be a very audacious girl to dare to wear green lipstick. If you do not want too much attention, it is better to choose a green with darker shades. It does not attract the eye. Personally, when I look at the girls below, I find that the green lipstick with darker shades is much better on black and mixed skin.
But, I wonder when to wear “green” lipstick?

  • At a party with friends, we can wear green lipstick.
  • In nightclub, to bring an original touch.
  • During a concert, why not.
  • During Halloween or during a disguised evening.
  • In the street ? Why not, but we must favor darker shades.
  • If you have the chance to go see a fashion show, ideal to show that we are at the forefront of fashion.






And you friends, have you ever dared to wear green lipstick? In which types?


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