Ghana Braids or Banana cornrows: ideas of African hairstyles

Ghana Braids or Banana cornrows: ideas of African hairstyles

Ghana Braids is an African hairstyle, with a small ‘3D effect. This sensational hairstyle has captured the hearts of black women around the world, who wear it with class and share their sublime clichés on Instagram.
First of all, Ghana Braids, what is it exactly?
Specifically, the Ghana Braids are an original technique, which is to add strands as you braid to create the illusion of fish scales on the braid. These are braids lying with a small “3D effect”. As you go, you need to add more synthetic hair to create larger braids. It’s a protective hairstyle for black women.  
The different names of Ghana Braids.

In AFRICA or country in africa who speak english Ghana braids
In France or country in africa who speak french ·         Ghana braids
·         Tresses écailles
·         Tresses plaquées
In United States ·         Banana braids
·         Fishbone braids
·         Straight-backs
·         Cornrows

Origin and History of braids from Ghana
This ancestral hairstyle originates from West Africa, more precisely from Ghana. The first representations of these braids appear in the form of hieroglyphs and sculptures carved around 500 BC. It can be seen at the back of the head of a sphinx. This hairstyle represents the social, religious, cultural and ethnic status of the person wearing it. Some women accessorize it with pearls or flowers.
In the United States, the civil rights movement of the second half of the 1960s and 1970s revived cultural and traditional hairstyles. The movement is again unleashed in the 90s. Today, women of different backgrounds, all over the world, proudly wear the Ghana Braids. 
What types of hair to use to make Ghana braids ?
Many women use synthetic locks, specifically Kanekalon type to make the braids of Ghana.
How long do you keep this hairstyle? Interviews and maintain.
It is best to keep this hairstyle for 2 to 3 weeks maximum to avoid hair breakage.
Step beauty routine to maintain your braids Ghana.

    • 1 / The night. Wear a silk hat, a scarf or you can also sleep with a satin pillowcase around your braids at night to prevent synthetic hair extensions from getting damaged and to maintain the cleanliness of your braids.
    • 2 / Hydration. Massage a little oil of your choice into your scalp and apply lightly on your braids to moisturize them gently. Apply cream along the hairline every morning to keep your appearance fresh and clean.
    • 3 / Wash your hair, once a week, lightly with water and a conditioner diluted in water once a week to eliminate the accumulation of oil and dirt that you may have accumulated.

Attention: when you do this kind of hairstyle, do not forget to choose a professional and experienced hairdresser. Ask the hairdresser to avoid fixing the synthetic hair from the beginning of the braid to avoid breakage or traction alopecia. But to add synthetic hair to ½ cm of the front.

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