Gele: Nigerian Headwrap | African Headwraps
  •, presents the “GELE”, a true accessory tendency to have in its wardrobe, which will charmfully emphasize the beautiful woman you are!

Gele: Nigerian Headwrap | African Headwraps

The word Gele comes from the Yoruba people in Nigeria. It is a beautiful African scarf used as an ornament for African women.
The colors, the fabric make dream and sublime marvelously the beauty of the woman who wears it. The “Gele” allows him to identify the social status, the origin of a person through the way in which it is tied.
For example, the side with which the “Gele” pointed, explained whether a woman was single or married. A real practical tool for men, because they had to look carefully at the point of the headscarf to know the love situation and the status of the woman, so covetous.
_If the scarf points to the right side, it means that the woman is married.
_If the scarf points to the left side, it means that the woman is single.

Wow, simple and convenient! The “frost” is the trendy and indispensable accessory of the traditional costume. It is worn at a wedding and various events of everyday life. The style and color reflect the mood and personality of the person wearing it.
Today, Gele has been so successful that it has conquered the hearts of Nigerian women and all African women.
How to tie the Nigerian “Gele”?
Method 1)

  • Step 1. Fold the Gele into half equal (I use half Gele)
  • Step 2. Wrap around your head.
  • Step 3. Put the Gele on the back of your neck
  • Step 4. Bring the hand of the Gele forward and pause in the middle of your forehead.
  • Step 5. Make some folds
  • Step 6. Take the fold at the back
  • Step 7 Change hands to help create wings
  • Step 8. Fold in the middle of the neck where the other hand is
  • Step 9 Make sure you have a firm grip
  • Step 10. Make sure both edges are firm
  • Step 11 Then tighten (twice if necessary)
  • Step 12 Make more fold in the front of your Gele

Method 2)

  • Step 1: Make a crease of about 2 cm on the frozen lengthwise.
  • Step 2: Place the crease on the front of the head, just at the edge of the forehead and bring the rest of the frost back to the neck. Two straps are thus created.
  • Step 3: Tie the straps at the neck. Make sure to leave a longer strap and a shorter strap.
  • Step 4: Pass the shortest strap inside the scarf.
  • Step 5: Reassemble the longest strap at the front of the head. Make a full turn and tie it at the neck.
  • Step 6: Always fix the ends of the straps behind the head and adjust the top

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