Ethiopian painter Ermias Ekube – Painting Art in Ethiopia

 Ermias Ekube is an Ethiopian African artist with multi-talent. He is a painter, poet, sculptor and engraver. Born in Addis Abada, Ethiopia, Ermias Ekube is inspired by the people around him. More specifically, their lifestyles, African peoples. His personal style blends figurative with abstract.  

Ethiopian painter Ermias Ekube – Painting Art in Ethiopia

Ermias Ekube portaitWhat are talents of Ermias Ekube?

Ermias Ekube is a painter, sculptor, poet, engraver, who studied for four years at the College of Fine Arts and Design in Addis Abeda. He is well known for his numerous exhibitions in Ethiopia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Denmark, England, Norway, etc.

Where does his inspiration come from?

At age of 7 or 8, with his brother, he drew a copy of a portrait. Realizing his talent for drawing, with the support of his family and his entourage, he decided to pursue this path and develop all these talents. He studied various fields of art for 4 years and specialized in painting. His works result from his relationship with his entourage and his understanding of life. The people around him are those subjects.

What methods and techniques are used for his art?

He uses different methods of expressions such as painting, engraving and sculpture. By mixing different techniques from impressionism to symbolism and from realism to abstraction.

  • For painting, it uses acrylic, the color of water and oil.
  • For engraving, he uses woodcut, linocut and drypoint.
  • In sculpture, he uses modeling, found objects and canvas.
What is his style more exactly?

Initially, he began with a more academic style in the School of Fine Arts. Then at the end of ten years, his style is personalized and it mixes the figurative with the abstract. He places a greater emphasis on figurative, especially on portraits.

His favorite poetry?

His favorite poetry is “ when the port town was trying her necklace

“When the port town was trying her necklace
at the night-mirror of the sea,
and her earrings by consent of the moon,
I missed you!

Searching for small-breathing eyes
that seem so far but so bright,
shaded by thin, up-straight,
hawk-winged eyelashes
on a wall grey and tarnished,
remind me of my old age.

I turned my face to the sea
and saw the town’s lit necklace
praying you in my eyes
“never are the image
of the soul’s pure memories
inevitable when least wanted,
or attractive when anticipated,

Though the crystal memories
were never acquainted with
the pride of the town; nevertheless
surrenders the town its grace of poise,
laughing my ever new trials
eternally for an instant
in the timid low tides, it trembles
in a whispering shyness.
Farewell, farewell, adieu
I lost my self amongst you.”

For all fans of Ermias Ekube, you can find him in his studio at Kuona Trust, at the Kenya Visual Arts Center.

Photo credit : Ermias Ekube

ermias-ekube-three women
Three women
Ermias Ekube - Little Girl
Little Girl
Ermias Ekube - Boy in blue hood
Boy in blue hood
Ermias Ekube - Listening the silence
Listening the silence
Ermias Ekube painter

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