Do women should think like a man to get what they want?

Do women should think like a man to get what they want?
Be a woman, but think like a man! Why relationship between men and women are so complicated? And what do you think? How can he get involved, change and remain faithful? Why are men so afraid of commitment? Why do they forget all the flowers in the garden? What is your opinion, your strategy? Do you think like a man? And you men, do you think like a woman!
Nowadays, relations between men and women are puzzled. Both men and women waged a relentless war to try to understand each other and live together. Some men are afraid of marriage, they want a free relationship without any commitment. Other men are serial lover and player, they want to foriner all the flowers of the garden and do not want to land. In this ruthless world, there are also sons to Mom, they love their mothers at all costs and take you into a relationship with him and his mother. Then we know the dreamer. A man who spends his life searching for himself without ever being able to find himself. On the other side, we meet the careerist. This woman is rich, beautiful, has a good financial situation and wants a man up to her height. Then, the desperate woman, who lives a long relationship of more than 9 years with a man who does not want to marry her. But, hope one day, it will change. The single mother seeks a loving man for her and her child, but does not want the men to parade in her house. Not to forget, the light-hearted girl, who enjoys, sleeps quickly and never succeeds in building a serious story. All these stories reflect the complexity of gender relations. Why do we have so much difficulty understanding each other? Have you seen the film “Think like a man”, this film clearly expresses the complexity that exists in the relationship between men and women. This film shows that times have changed, but the rules remain the same. Steve Harvey, author of the book, explains that women must understand how men work to win at games of love? He quotes: “Be a woman, but think like a man! “ 

In what kind of women are you?

  • The woman who seeks marriage after a long relationship.
comment faire pour qu'il m'épouse ?
I want him to marry me?

How can he make a commitment? It’s been over 8 years and he does not want to marry me. You are desperate and you are looking for marriage at all costs. If you are in this case, Steve Harvey advises you to put the man at the foot of the wall for him to marry you. So, do not hesitate and talk to your spouse about your desire for marriage. 

  • Independent and strong woman who seeks an exceptional man. Stay alone desperately.
think like a man
I want a handsome, rich and cultivated man!

The independent, strong and careerist woman is scary in 90% of cases to men. They want a man who is beautiful, strong, intelligent, cultivated, rich, who gains as much as she, and above all, is not intimidated by their success. Unfortunately for her, they discover that the perfect man is a true illusion and often end up alone.
For example, we have the case of a woman who is a partner of a law firm and owner but has remained single for 3 years! This woman asks Steve, “Why do not I find men up to my expectations and my life? “Steve Harvey advises:” You have to lower your expectations. You must absolutely set the bar lower. Should a woman be satisfied with less? Should it compromise? You have a 6-digit annual income, does it have to earn as much? Are you a landowner, should he?
Steve Harvey, says: “The perfect man does not exist, you have to compromise? “More precisely, stay woman, but think like a man.” 

  • The single mother looking for a loving man for her and her child.
la mère célibataire
I want to be the priority in your life!

When should I present my man to my son? Nowadays, there are more and more single moms, who are in search of great love. Single mothers have a horror of men marching at home one after the other. They prefer to present a man to their darling toddler. Vigilante, she remains alone long before bringing a darling home. Steve Harvey in his book advises them: “If you think you have found a serous candidate, take him home as soon as possible. For if you stay with a man for more than six months, introduce him to your children and the current does not pass and they do not get along. All you get is you lost six months. “

  • The woman who gives herself too quickly and struggling to build a serious relationship.
l'amour est une bataille le dragueur - le lover

I always sleep with men who do not want to engage. Yeah, you usually go too fast sentimentally and sexually. You go round in circles, because none of his men wants to build a serious relationship with you. Steve Harvey firmly advises: “Stop sleeping with men. The men respect the women who set the bar very high. You must be demanding.
You have to control the biscuit, to control the game! Power is in the cookie by putting it in the cake jar and closing the lid and leaving there, until your man is big enough for the deserved.
Don’t hesitate to try the 90-days rule (3 months of testing) to help you. This rule aims to earn the respect you deserve and especially to protect women from badgers, liars and manipulators.

la règle des 90 jours
La règle des 90 jours contre les joueurs !

Steve cites the example of the Ford company that applies the 90-day rule to give benefits to their employees. And he ends up saying, “If the Ford company is waiting 90 days to give benefits to their employees, then women can do it too. “ 

And among you men, who are you?


  • The lover “the player”
le dragueur - le lover 1
The player

You want to taste all the flowers of the garden. All women are beautiful, why should you choose? Fidelity is a fantasy. Life is short, you want to enjoy life. Your slogan is made love, but not war.

  • Man who does not commit himself.

l'homme qui ne s'engage pasYou don’t want to get married. Why engage when we can live happily together? You need your freedom and for you love does not need marriage. Marriage is just a formality. You do not understand why women are so complicated? Everything was going well between you and hop, she begins and pronounces the forbidden word “marriage.” 

  • The man who seeks himself and wants to build something alias “the dreamer”
michael ealy le reveur 1
The dreamer

You are looking for happiness. You do not know exactly what craft is right for you. One day you want to become a chef of a great restaurant and the next day you want to become a DJ. You spend your life dreaming without ever asking yourself. You are looking for a woman who can understand, that you need time. Then, one day, you finally find yourself and you never stop dashing. 

le fils à maman
Mother’s son


  • Mother’s son

Your mom is fundamental in your life. If you are a couple, you must do everything with your girlfriend and your mom. This is normal, your mother is the true love of your life. How to live without Mom’s kitchen? Your mother is perfect, she still laundry your laundry and looks after her loving baby. 

  • The married man and very happy
Gary owen think like a man
Happy married man

Marriage is a blessing for you. You have found the woman of your life. You are a couple and happy. Happiness is she, your children and your family. Life is beautiful and happens as a family. 

le divorcé 1
The happy divorced


  • The divorced man happy and proud to be.

Women are too complicated. Marriage is a calamity. You have lost your freedom because your wife wants to control everything. Since your divorce, you live a second youth. Your slogan “I got caught once, but not two! “

 What do you think? Do women should think like a man to get what they want?

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