Discovery the Okavango Delta | Botswana Travel

Discovery the Okavango Delta | Botswana Travel

Nicknamed “the river that can not find the sea”, the Okavango Delta is the second largest inland delta in the world, with 18,000 km², after that of Niger in Mali. Its peculiarity is that it does not have a sea mouth, and therefore flows into the Kalahari desert. It irrigates thousands of square kilometers of desolate land. This magnificent delta is a labyrinth of lagoons, canals, marshy areas and islands. With its wild expanses and diverse wildlife, it attracts tourists from around the world. The area has always been populated by the tribe of Batawanas, who are also responsible for the creation of the Moremi Game Reserve, named after one of their chiefs. The Batawanas founded the city of Maun in 1915 to be their tribal capital.
Tourists are delighted to see lions, buffalo, kudu, wildebeest, cheetah, elephant, hippopotamus, zebra, etc. The delta is also home to more than 444 species of birds such as the King Crane, the Sacred Ibis, the African Fish Eagle, 122 mammals, 71 fish and 64 reptiles. Hence its inscription by UNESCO, in June 2014, to the World Heritage of Humanity.
To the west of the delta is the Moremi Reserve. Splendid landscapes, varied fauna, marsh area, the Moremi reserve is the most beautiful in southern Africa. Some parts of the Delta are reached by boat or plane, as access roads are sometimes scarce.

What are the different activities to do in the Okavango Delta?

  • 1) Safari in the camps and inns of the region. You can go on safari in mokoro (local canoe), on foot and 4×4 in the Okavango Delta. This will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

You can choose a lodge to sleep in the Okavango Delta according to 3 criteria: comfort, charm and luxury. All accommodations are very small capacity, bookings and the choice of location depend on availability.
Visitors must book a complete safari, which usually includes flying over the reserve, lodge or tent accommodation, and guided tours. Most planes take off from the village of Maun, located at the southeastern tip of the delta, to reach the various campsites.

  • 2) Visit the delta by pirogue. The idea is to spend a few hours on a small traditional boat to sail on the waters of the delta. The canoe can accommodate 2 people.
  • 3) Make a charter flight over the delta. Aboard a small plane with 5 seats, you will fly over the delta for an hour, allowing you breathtaking scenery. It’s a magical experience to live.
  • 3) Visit the Moremi Nature Reserve. It’s a must to take the time to visit the Moremi Game Reserve to discover an incredibly rich fauna.
  • 4) Discover different species of animals (giraffes, buffaloes, kudu, cheetahs, etc.)

When to go?

During the dry season (May to October) to observe the fauna. The wet season (November to April) is interesting for discovering birds and flora.
For safaris: plan a neutral color outfit. If you wear bright clothes, you will not be allowed to go on a safari.
Do not forget. Update your vaccines. And bring enough insect products.

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